10 Easy Ways To Stop Sneezing Repeatedly

Stop Sneezing Repeatedly With These Easy Ways


10 Easy Ways To Stop Sneezing Repeatedly – Sneezing is a reflex, spontaneous body expel germs, dust, and other foreign objects do not get inside the body. Continuous sneezing can also be a symptom of diseases such as flu or allergic reactions. Whatever the cause, keep it very annoying sneeze. Don’t worry about it. Check out the various easy ways of overcoming sneezing constantly below or try allergy nose spray.

Various ways to resolve the ongoing sneeze

1. Know the trigger

Many things can be the cause of sneezing. Some of these triggers might easily recognize and avoid. For example, dust, sharp-smelling spices (pepper, pepper, chili powder), spicy foods, pollens, stinging, cold weather perfume, or a grain of wheat flour.

Sneezing can also be caused by an allergic reaction to something. Therefore, find out and know what cause you to sneeze a constant dispute. This can help you to avoid it to prevent sneezing

If it is caused by allergies, medication antiallergic. Medicines that may be used include antihistamines or nasal sprays. Some people who experience more severe reactions may require prescription medications or allergy injections to prevent or reduce the effect.

2. Avoid bright light

Bright light can become a trigger sneezing. About a third of people in the world can this be sneezing constantly when looking at a bright light outside the home.

Sneezing due to seeing a bright light known as sneezing fotik, and usually, it is a condition of offspring. You can overcome the sneezing to wear sunglasses when outdoors activities so as not to directly get the bright light.

3. Avoid eating much

Some people sneeze after eating a lot. What exactly is the cause behind this condition is not yet known for sure? But to address it, immediately reduce the portion of your meal and chew more slowly.

4. Protect yourself from air pollution

Some people are more frequently engaging in activities outside the vulnerable sneezing because the nose is constantly exposed to dust pollution.

Over time, exposure to air pollution can increase the risk of cancer of the nose, throat, and lung cancer, as well as other chronic respiratory problems.

To overcome the sneeze when outdoors or in a dusty room, always wear protective tools like mask nose (surgical mask)

5. Say something strange

Some people believe that uttered a strange or funny just when you feel like sneezing, can distract you from sneezing.

This is because the action is interesting or unusual could distract the brain to prevent sneezing. However, there has been no research to support this.

6. Palate Tingle

Someone may be able to hold my sneeze with Tickle the palate of the mouth with the tongue. After about 5-10 seconds to do it, the urge to sneeze could be lost.

Or you can also press your tongue with hard to reach two front teeth tongue You, do this until the desire to sneeze disappears.

7. Try to use nasal sprays

Clears the nasal passages are clogged nose can help prevent teritirasi due to exposure to dust or alien substances that went into it.

You can clear your nose with the nasal spray natural made at home. Dissolve in water and capsaicin spray into the nose. How to resolve this fairly powerful sneezes due to capsaicin can numb the nose chain making, so don’t want to sneeze.

8. Pinch your nose

This is another way to try to hold my sneeze before already happened. When you feel will sneeze, try the second pinch the tip of your nose, like you’re closing the nose when smelling an odor.

You can also try to pinch the nose at the base of the nose, just below the inside of Your eyebrows.

9. Drink vitamin C

drink vitamin c for reduce sneezing

Vitamin C is an antihistamine that can boost the immune system. Suffice the needs of vitamin C could ward off bacteria and viruses cause diseases that accompanied the sneezing, like flu and colds.

10. Drinking chamomile tea

Same is the case with vitamin C, chamomile also has antihistamine effects. To help cope with a sneeze, you can drink a cup of chamomile tea each day to reduce the amount of histamine in the body.

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