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About Sandlot Solutions

Sandlot Solutions is a healthcare information technology company jointly owned by Santa Rosa Holdings, LLC, and North Texas Specialty Physicians (NTSP) that provides a next generation health information exchange (HIE) and data analytics tools and services for streamlining data sharing between providers, hospital systems and health plans in order to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care.

Sandlot Solutions’ customizable products and services allow healthcare providers easy access to patient information from a variety of sources and formats community-wide to more effectively enhance care coordination, disease management and quality measurement while preparing for Accountable Care and other payment models.

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We offer physicians, patients and communities:

  • Best-of-breed technology using a low cost, cloud-computing application
  • Implementation support between technology vendors and community partners
  • Ongoing training and facilitation to maximize adoption and utilization

We believe electronic health records should follow patients in real time so health care providers can make fast, safe decisions, reduce costs by eliminating redundant care and improve the quality of care overall.

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