Dark Circles Under Eyes? These Tips Can Useful


Dark Circles Under Eyes And These Tips Can Useful – Everyone will want to have a look that makes it interesting, something that prevents the appearance will make a person look less confident. Especially for women where the appearance is number one and most important. In this case, we often see the emergence of black color in the area around the eyes. Usually, the black color that dominates that woman again make up the face, but if the black color is innate it means because of the cause of one of them is the lack of sleep in someone.

Appearance can also be disturbed by the dark circle, fatigue, lethargy, dull and unhealthy will be seen when the circle appears. Many mention black circles with panda eyes. Funny is not a panda eye when in association with humans, of course, unique but very unattractive when seen. Actually, many things cause the emergence of black circle symptoms in the area around the eyes, in addition to sleep deprivation becomes the following common cause of several other factors.Causes of dark circles in the eyes:

Causes of dark circles under eyes:


  • Often rubs the eyes too hard so it can cause the area under the eyes to black
  • Often exposed to the sun directly which will encourage the body to produce more melanin. Melanin here is a pigment that has a function of giving a darker color to the skin.
  • Loss of fat and thinning of the skin also collagen becomes the next cause. Making the blood vessels become a bluish red under your eyes will be clearly visible cause dark circles
  • Anemia or commonly called lack of blood was also one of the causes of the arrival of dark circles under the eyes.

Above are some of the causes that like to happen to humans in the presence of dark circles under the eyes. Where there is cause then there are consequences and certainly aka tone way in tackling. Here’s little tips for interesting information for you who might want to completely remove the former circle naturally. Of course not directly eliminate because it takes enough time for your problem is complete.

These few steps to removing dark circles under eyes area:

  • Apply a healthy lifestyle
healthy lifestyle

The first handling is how you can apply a healthy lifestyle to each other. Starting from now try you try to sleep at least eight hours a day because a healthy sleep will remove the mark. For those of you consuming liquor and caffeine, try not to frequently consume both of these things and try to drink plenty of water.

  • Compress the eyes

Furthermore, by doing a compress on your eyes, doing this can reduce the black circle is of course by using cold cucumber slices. Another alternative you can use a small spoon that had been in the cold. Place it in your eyes with a span of 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  • Hide with concealer

This method may be slightly different from the name handling naturally because the use of concealer itself can only be used for women, while for men the use of this cosmetic will look funny. But, if women could be one solution to the black circle can not be seen. You simply apply a concealer with one level brighter than the skin so it can help disguise dark circles. However, if your skin tends to be oily and acne, use an oil-free concealer.

  • Medical treatment

The final solution is to use medical treatment where examined by a dermatologist to perform laser treatment. Doctors can also do a filler or injectable filler for dark circles in your eyes due to damage to blood vessel tissue.

Less confident with the dark circle? Make yourself look more refreshed by living a healthy lifestyle that has been exposed above.

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