9 Eye Test Pictures and Photos to Improving Healthy Eyes

Prove and improve your eyesight by identifying pictures and photos.


Everyone generally has normal eyes. But sometimes there are people who have a disability, low vision far, nearsightedness, blindness and some people have keen eyesight. For those who have a special vision ability, they were able to see the object clearly though from a distance and vague once. Whereas for people with disabilities they need eye test pictures and some exercises to get normal vision returns.

So, If you want to do check eye health tests, you no need go to a doctor because you do it at home with analyzing this pictures and images. If you successfully answer all the questions that were given from the picture then your eye is said to be healthy. But if you can’t guess the pictures that are shown then you have a problem that needs to be checked by a doctor. By looking at these images of the eye you will be more focused, sharp and make eyes more relaxed.

All about eye test exercises with images will be summarized here.

This is 9 Eye Test Pictures and Photos to Improve Healthy Eyes

Eye Test Pictures with Camouflage images

Look the following forest pictures:

eye test pictures undercover soldiers
eye test pictures undercover soldiers
  1. There are how many soldiers are camouflage on these images? Find them and answer it.

Eye Test Pictures with Guess the Color of a Shape

In the simple watercolor images below, there are four hidden animals. The four animals are formed from a combination of lines and colors. If healthiest you eye, you will easily find it and you’re not color blind.

Figure paintings watercolors to eye test
Figure paintings watercolors to eye test

If you’ve found the four beasts in the picture above.

2. Answer this question, What are names of the animals at the image?

Eye test pictures with camouflage images
Eye test pictures with camouflage images

3. What animals are in the picture above?

In the image above will test the sharpness of your eyes. Test your eye is suitable for sufferers of nearsightedness.

eye test pictures find the animals
eye test pictures

4. In the picture, there is an animal. What is the name of the animal?

Color Blind Test

The test is generally aimed at sufferers of color blindness and cataracts. So, it is very important for you to be able to answer the displayed numbers from the picture shown below.

5. What number is this?

what is the number in the pictures
what is the number in the pictures

Hmm, can you answer that? If the eye test pictures are still too easy for you, please to answer the next number.

6. What is the number?

what the number do you see

The image above has a characteristic that is more difficult than ever. People who use special glasses will be difficult to guess the numbers that exist in the image above.

7. You should focus looking at the black midpoint in the image. Try to scroll this page. What do you see?

pictures of illusions to eye test
illusions pictures

Eye Test Pictures with Colour Perception Eye Test

In the practice test below, you should be observant and thoroughly to find the missing object. The object in question will have the same color with other objects, this is the definition of color perception test.

8. Where is the location of an iPhone smartphone in this picture?

color perception test with pictures

Do you answer questions test above? This test may be more difficult for you.

9. What is the name of an animal that is in this picture?

color perception test

Why do you need to do Eye Test Pictures?

Distinguish green and red color is hard for a person with color blindness disease. Red-green color blindness is caused by a genetic mutation in the cone-shaped cells in the retina that respond to some of the light colors it receives.  Inability to perceive differences of some colors are not only caused by eye disease but may also be caused by nerve or brain damage.

Do exercise testability of the eyes, will improve your healthy eyes.

Here is the answer from the eye test pictures that you already do.

The rabbit

Wolf or lion

You will notice that the picture is a silent but if viewed too long then the shadows or line in the pictures will be moving.

Are the pictures and photos improving your Healthy Eyes? Please share this eye test now to friends and people do you like. 🙂

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