How to do a Correct Sprain Treatment!

Correct Sprain Treatment? Check This


How to do a Correct Sprain Treatment! In the midst of our society would be no stranger to the term sprained or dislocated. Especially for those who are active sports or physically working are vulnerable to experience it. To the extent that even how to treat sprains who feel already know, what is it? yes, massaged!

However, does a sprain treatment by way of a massage is the right way? Or even worse? And how to heal a sprain to get well soon? Let’s find the answer here. To be able to treat sprains correctly, then we must know in advance what exactly happens when a person experiencing a sprain. Sprain is a ligament injury around the joint. Ligaments are flexible and strong fibrous tissue that connect the bones between the joints. When the ligament is traumatized or injured so that it is torn or stretched too far. Then the joint will become sore and swollen.

Sprains usually occur when a person falls, a twisted joint, or is hit with a pressure that forces him to move from a normal position. The most commonly occurring lapel is an ankle sprain, followed by a sprain of the wrist and thumb. How can we know if our joints have sprains or just bruises? Signs of sprain and bruising (muscle tension) are very similar. The pain may be mild, moderate, or severe.

The sprains have the following signs and symptoms: joint pain swelling stiffness of joints skin color change, red-bluish. The more severe the sprain, it will be very difficult to move the joints involved because of illness. A person with a mild ankle sprain may only be able to move ankle but only slightly. Meanwhile, a more severe ankle sprain can cause a feeling that is so painful and makes it difficult or impossible to walk.

Sprains there have a grade from mild to severe with a scale of I to III :

  • Grade I : Stretching ligaments or tearing is very light, with little or no instability in the joint.
  • Grade II: Ligament tear that is more serious but still not complete.
  • Grade III: The ligaments are completely torn or broken. It is not a bone fracture, but it feels similar because it is often impossible to lift a burden on the joint or move a limb on the affected joint.

How to Sprain Treatment Correctly?

Most people can treat minor sprains using a self-made RICE treatment at home. Here’s how to properly sprain treatment you can do at home :

Control Swelling With RICE Therapy RICE stands for :


Rest the sprained area. Do not move or squeeze the joint sprain let alone force him to walk or give him a burden. Don’t massage that’s sprain!


Compress ice for 15 minutes every hour on the sprained joint. Never put ice directly on the skin or can damage the skin. Therefore, use a thin cloth to coat it. This ice pack will reduce pain.

Compression (emphasis).

Give a cover or cover the joints with elastic bandages around the joint or wrist. This serves to minimize inflammation, buffer the area, and provide a sense of comfort. Dress should be steady, but should not be too tight so as not to disrupt the flow of blood. The duration of this compression process can be 1-2 days if light or even can be 2 weeks if classified as a heavy sprain.


Elevate limbs that sprain higher than the heart, this will reduce or minimize swelling.

Okay, that’s all can we do to sprain treatment correctly. If you follow all these steps, I believe you can heal your sprain fast.

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