How To Keep Healthy And Fit Until Old With 4 Secrets

keep healthy and fit with 4 secrets


How To Keep Healthy And Fit Until Old With 4 Secrets – The function body will decrease as you get older. The aging process begins with the appearance of wrinkles and then slowly begin to weaken the immune system so that it more easily exposed to the disease. You don’t need to worry because of aging cannot be stopped, but it can be slowed down. Even though it has entered the age of the 60 ‘s, You can still live with healthy and fit. Follow these tips on maintaining the health of the elderly here.

How to maintain the health of the elderly 60 annual

1. Stay Active

Always Active And Keep healthy

Age 60 years, the activity you do not be the same as it used to be. Maybe you currently spend more time at home rather than doing outdoor activities.

Even though it has entered the age of 60, doesn’t mean you can stop moving on. Do not use this to stop your regular gym schedule. While for those who want to start a healthy life, no word too late to exercise regularly.

The sport already a necessity for all walks of life, including the elderly. However, the type and intensity of exercise that is done naturally had to be adapted to the condition of the body. Some of the benefits of exercise for the health of the elderly:

  • Immune Boost
  • Boost hormone production of endorphins, which can reduce stress
  • Keep the weight remains normal
  • Increase the strength of the bone

Even exercise is also good for the health of elderly brains. Getting old, brain function decline so that the elderly be more easily forgotten. A disease that attacks the central nervous system develops, much like Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, or Parkinson’s disease.

Keep the body stay active can slow the aging process in the cells and tissues in the brain at once lowers the risk of disease in the brain. Also, elderly sports can still be active with other activities, such as gardening, playing with a grandchild, or making handicrafts.

2. Keep healthy with eat healthy foods

So that the health of the elderly keeps awake, then another major key is eating a healthy diet. Unfortunately, this way may be constrained to other problems, namely when the aging ability tasted flavors also are increasingly reduced. Moreover, many foods that are not allowed to eat and also reduced the use of salt so the appetite in the elderly can be decreased.

The elderly can fill his spare time to make healthy food menu at once cooked it myself. Add spices can enhance the taste of food.

3. Adequate rest

Many elderlies who experience sleep disturbances at night. This will certainly make the time to rest is reduced. Offered from AARP, an organization that focuses on the health of the elderly, Terlecki p. Ryan, m.d., Assistant Professor of Urology at the Faculty of medicine at Wake Forest University in New York says that more than 80 percent of the elderly often woke up at night to the bathrooms are eventually interfere with sleep time.

To that end, Terlecki suggested on the elderly to reduce drinking a lot of water in the evening and do consulting back to consideration doctor related diuretic drug use to drink in the morning instead of at night. Elderly who feel the urging to urinate too often all the time, usually caused by the bladder muscles that are too active.

4. Regularly check your health and medication to keep healthy

The elderly particularly vulnerable affected because the system immune the increasingly weakened. Hence, the elderly should routinely examine health periodically, so keep the observed condition. When symptoms appear, don’t delay to conduct the examination. Because the longer it is diagnosed and treated, the more poor body condition and treatment difficult.

During the treatment, noted the development of the health of the elderly from the treatment done and routine for taking the medication already prescribed. When causing side effects, consult the doctor to get another drug.

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