Simple Ways to Deal with Greasy Hair

Greasy Hair? Look These Simple Ways


Oily hair or oily scalp feels, looks, and smells gross. It can also cause increased acne at your hairline and may tarnish your confidence. Here we will discuss simple ways that can answer the question how to cope with greasy hair. It is your time to put an end to greasy oil scalp.

Check Your Shampoo Technique


While dealing with greasy hair, it is important to keep a check on your shampoo technique. Make sure you are using the shampoo properly. It does not mean massaging your hair with shampoo properly – it means rinsing your hair properly. It is advisable to rinse your hair for a minimum of 30 seconds if not more. Sometimes greasy hair is actually shampoo or a conditioner that is left in the scalp. If you have lost hair, can read shampoo ingredients to avoid hair loss.

Rinse Your Head with Cold Water

After shampooing, always rinse your hair with cold water. Cold water shuts down the glands producing sebum while hot water stimulates them. Sebum itself for those who do not know is a microscopic gland located under the scalp of humans. This sebum will remove the oil and the oil is sebum. Oil glands or sebum is often encountered in the hair when it looks like an oil layer. Additionally, use cold water helps to reduce damage to the hair.

Limit the Use of Hair Dryers and Straighteners

Maybe for the women especially often use the help of a tool in the form of a hair dryer to get the desired hair shape. The fact is if used continuously or frequently Hair dryers and straighteners damage the hair and make them dry. As a result, hair produces oil to keep them moist which looks odd. Straighter hair will provide grease and oil an easy path to climb down your hair making it more noticeable. Curling your hair or allowing the natural waves to shine will help prevent grease and oil coming down to the hair. In addition to can cause oily hair, excessive use of hair dryer can make hair more easily fall out. Especially when using a hair dyer accompanied by the use of a dense comb make the hair texture of the previous good and healthy changed so damaged.

Avoid Using Shiny Products

Actually, the use of a shiny product is not good for most one’s hair, maybe there is one who gets maximum result by using the shiny product. While dealing with greasy and oily hair, it is important to avoid using products that contain shine enhancing properties. Shine means it is enhanced with oil. Look for hair products with volume enhancing features. They have less oil and moisturizers and make your hair appear less greasy.

Brush Your Hair in a Balanced Way

Some people do not brush their hair regularly. Not brushing hair means that natural oils are not distributed properly. However, over brushing your hair can stimulate oil production. It is wise to find a healthy balance for your hair and brush them in a balanced proportion.

Use Dry Shampoo And Get Avoid Greasy Hair


Dry shampoo sucks all the oil from the hair and makes them look dry. It would also allow you to spend more time between washes and make your hair less greasy and oily in the long run. There are tons of dry shampoos available in the market which you can get. You can also use baby powder if you prefer to take an old fashioned route. Just sprinkle a little amount of baby powder on your roots. If it causes white cast, brush some bronzer on the roots.

These are some simple ways which can help you deal with greasy hair. Using these ways, you can get the answer to the question how to cope with greasy hair. Remember: Dry hair add a lot to your confidence and personality. Use this tips for your hair and get healthy hair without greasy hair. Hopefully, the article above can be useful for everything that is removing the oil from your healthy hair.

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