What The Secret Of A Happy Life?

Happy Life? This Secret Not What You Think


What The Secret Of A Happy Life? – As you enter into your twenties, just starting out, money and fame may seem like a key to a happy life. But as we get older, that view changes quite a bit. Actual secrets are not related to your bank account or your career, according to a Harvard study that has been running since the 1930’s.

“The most obvious messages from this 75-year survey are as follows: Good relationships make us happier and healthier Keeping healthy, Robert Wardinger, Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School Robert Waldinger) said it was seen more than 7 million times in recent TED talks.

Harvard University’s Adult Development Study started with a male follow-up survey of 724 people since 1938. One group was a sophomore at Harvard University when the study began. The second group lived in Boston’s poorest areas, and many were tenants. About 60 of the original 724 is still alive and most of the 1990s is still participating in the study.

At the beginning of the study, men (later teenagers) received an interview and received a medical examination. Over the years, they became “factory workers and lawyers, brick layers and doctors”, says Waldinger. John F. Kennedy, one of Harvard’s students, took over as President of the United States of America.

secret of happy life
secret of happy life

This research continues today. Every two years men respond to questions about the lives of researchers and receive brain scan and blood tests. Waldinger, the fourth generation director of the study, recently expanded the scope to include wives and children, such as couple video recordings, and the York Times asked “everyday spats” about every aspect of life.

Over the years, research has revealed that the most important thing you can do to physically increase your age is to avoid smoking. The old liberal had a more active sex life than the conservatives for a long time. The alcohol is the major cause of divorce among men under study, alcohol abuse was often preceded by depression, but Times pointed out.

This study does not prove that a happy relationship will promote health. People who are more healthy and happy are more likely to make and maintain satisfying relationships, and it is highly possible that those suffering from health problems are isolated and depressed.

Nevertheless, researchers are convinced that strong social bonds will play an important role in protecting long-term physical and mental health.

Here are some lessons learned by Waldinger to get secret of happy life

After you retire, make friends

make friends to get happy life
make friends to get happy life

People who were most happy at retirement were those who were actively working to exchange workplace friends and colleagues with new friends.


Social connections are really good for us, and loneliness kills

social connections to get happy life
social connections to get happy life

“People who are more socially connected to their families, friends, communities are living longer than people who are happier, physically healthier and weak,” says Wardinger. Those who are more isolated are not very happy and their lives are shortened.


It is important that your close relationship quality

relationship quality to get happy life
relationship quality to get happy life

“A conflictless marriage, for example without paying too much affection, will have a negative effect on our health, probably worse than divorce,” he said. Having a good, warm relationship kept our health.

The person who was most satisfied at the age of 50 was the healthiest at the age of 80

For example, people who were pleased with physical suffering were able to maintain a happy mood. People in an unfortunate relationship reported that emotional pain increased the physical pain.

A safe relationship will help your brain

Those who felt they could rely on others when they needed it had memories that stayed longer and sharper. Mr. Waldinger said even Octobergenic couple every day that they were kept sharp, “as long as they feel that they can rely on others when in a tough situation.”

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