Wifi Network Can Risk Your Health?

Wifi Network Can Risk Your Health?


Wifi Network Can Risk Your Health? – It has a trade-off with everything. You can have a more fuel-efficient car, but it is neither big nor powerful. You can have a wonderful body, but you have to work it almost every day. The same applies to our wireless network. Everyone loves wireless. There is no longer a bulky, ugly cable that hangs over the floor or is hanging on a snake. However, this wireless technology we are not paying attention seems to be dangerous.

I do not get it, what is the problem?

Wireless routers and modems send signals to the computer via electromagnetic radiation through the house wall. Yes, radiation. If that goes through the walls of your house, what do you think is doing to your body? If you have a wireless router in your home or office, you live in a risk pool of radiation exposure. Also, please read how the eight ways affect health.

One of the problems is that no one seems to shut down WiFi. Until now you are exposed to 24/7/365. Forget that your neighbor may have Wi-Fi. Therefore, you are mostly surrounded by a large wave of over-exposure of EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency).

Are they not tested as safe?

I agree. Routers emit electromagnetic radiation at low gigahertz levels and are considered safe to a certain point. The problem is that these EMFs have not been tested and will not be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In a home or office environment, Wi-Fi modems transmit radio signals at approximately the same frequency as microwaves cook food.

Is it cooking me?

Although it is not accurate, there are studies that if it is exposed to the EMF wave generated by the WiFi router for a long time, there is a possibility of causing brain damage, memory loss, and even tumor. This low-frequency EMF seems to disrupt the human body’s own energy field which may lead to fatigue, cancer, and possibly DNA change.

wifi risk your health
wifi risk your health

Does it make me sick?

Many people insist that exposure to Wi-Fi is finding a health-related relationship. Symptoms are numerous, including irregular heartbeat, dizziness, headache, decreased concentration, digestive problems, anxiety or depression, excessive fatigue. Many people insist that they will be bailed out as soon as they turn off Wi-Fi, or when they leave the area full of Wi-Fi signals.

There was a very interesting study recently done in Denmark. Danish students took 400 kinds of cake seeds (the cake grows very quickly) and divided into two rooms. Both seeds received the same amount of care, but in one room the seeds were placed next to two Wi-Fi routers. After 12 days, the seed who was in the room using the Wi-Fi signal failed germination and the other seed germinated in the usual way.

Perhaps the time has come to make us aware of the dangers of the technology surrounding us. Discuss the dangers of these huge energy fields with friends and neighbors. Connect the Ethernet cable and turn off the router when not in use.

Source: http://www.prevention.com/health/healthy-living/dr-andrew-weil-electromagnetic-sensitivity

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