The fear of intimacy – where does it come from, how to recognise it, how to defeat it?

The fear of intimacy is in fact the fear of risk, of going in blind, into the unknown and giving a piece of yourself to another person. It is the fear of the uncertain and rejection. Also a fear of strong emotions, also the difficult ones, which can appear in a relationship and make us feel helpless and vulnerable. It houses a whole range of feelings, many worries and doubts, typical especially at the beginning of relationships.

What is the fear of intimacy?

The fear of intimacy can be unrealised. A lot of people try to rationalise it for years, stating that being single is what they really need. It provides freedom, suits your lifestyle, allows you to fulfil yourself professionally. It is characteristic that people who have a fear of intimacy often choose a career which requires constant relocation. A trader, translator, truck driver, stewardess. Jobs like this favour distancing yourself.

It is not easy to recognise that our partner Suffers from the fear of being intimate. After all, they are caring, protective, open. From time to time, there is however an element of pushing you away, building a brick wall. They do not pick up their phone, disappear for a few days with no trace, does not want to hear about meeting your parents, makes plans with your friends reluctantly.

The fear of intimacy can take other forms too, e.g. we try to win our partner’s love by fulfilling their needs or we have unrealistic expectations of them ourselves. We can also live believing that an ideal relationship is a relationship with no Crises and conflicts.

Ambivalent childhood

You desire love, but are afraid of rejection? You crave a stable relationship, but are afraid you do not deserve it? As we can see from the results of the theory of Attachment by Bowlby and Ainsworth, those contradictory feelings and aspirations are connected to the conditions under which the first bond between a parent and an infant was formed.

Parents, who show support and hugging only as a form of rewarding good and desired behaviour while withdrawing and distancing themselves from the child when it does not fulfil their expectations – the child is sad, upset, screaming, they contribute to developing the example of having to deserve love and affection. Therefore, the child doubts whether it is deserving of love and good enough to be loved by someone else.

fear of intimacy

How to deal with the fear of intimacy?

The key to overcoming the fear of intimacy is self-awareness. The more we are aware of our own emotions and needs, the greater the chance of creating strong bonds and relationships is. Acknowledging that I am the one to decide whether or not I get angry, for how long and how angry I will be. It needs to be understood, that I am the one Getting angry, not that another person is annoying me.

I decide how I react to a given situation. In order to stop fearing intimacy, we need to learn to be close with ourselves. It’s worth beginning with the present in order to avoid living with past or future emotions. We need to understand that only right here and now is real, since the past is distorted by memory and the future is unknown. Secondly, it is worth accepting our fear of intimacy. The more we fight it, the more energy we give it. Through accepting our own feelings, we help them disperse and leave.

Cucumber water – refreshment and more

The human body to a large extent consists of water. The demand for it changes with age, but it also depends on daily activity, the type of job, or health. Without it, the basic processes are not possible. In other words – it is required to stay alive. But what if we simply don’t like its taste? It’s a good idea to put something in it. A brilliant choice will be… cucumbers!

Cucumber or lemon water for flat stomach

They say that losing excess kilograms only requires making a few lifestyle changes. On top of rational eating and systematic activity, another good solution is cucumber water or lemon water that, when drank every day:

  • boosts metabolism,
  • lowers hunger,
  • adds energy,
  • allows to utilize the fat deposits and get rid of them,
  • makes the waist Slim faster,
  • removes excess water from the body.

Health-promoting properties

To prepare a refreshing drink, you need water (1.5 to 2 liters, for example), a large pitcher and a long cucumber. Additionally, you may also add slices of lemon, fresh mint leaves and ice cubes. The cucumber just needs to be carefully washed and sliced without peeling. We add it to water and cool it in the fridge. On top of not having many calories, it also has anti-diabetic, lipid-level-lowering and anti-oxidizing properties. Cucumbers are full of water, fiber, potassium and magnesium.

Potassium helps balance the level of sodium in cells, which might contribute to development of atherosclerosis. On top of that, it also causes hypertension. On the other hand, fiber Regulates blood pressure, as well as helps lower the cholesterol level, prevents type 2 diabetes and increases weight loss. A Well-hydrated body helps the natural body detox system do its job.

cucumber water

How to drink cucumber water?

We prepare the cucumber and lemon drink in the evening, so that we can drink it on an empty stomach right after waking up. We add sliced cucumber to half a liter of water, squeeze the juice out of half a lemon, add a few mint leaves. We put it away. We drink a glass of cucumber water in the morning after waking up and another one after breakfast. Then we Repeat it every day for at least a couple weeks. Cucumber and lemon water is a great drink for the spring and summer season.

How to sunbathe safely?

The ever raising temperatures make us interested in getting exposed to the sun, trying to replenish the vitamin D deficiency. The sunbathing season is about to start. But how about getting yourself a perfect tan with a bronzer or at a tanning salon? After all, not everyone has time to spend a few hours lying in the sun.

A good self-tanner

If you dream of a tan that will last for at least a week without sunbath, get yourself a self-tanning spray, Foam or cream, depending on your preferred texture and applying method. Modern cosmetics provide very natural looking results. They also have another upside – they can be applied incredibly evenly. On top of that, you can easily buy them at drugstores or perfumeries, brick-and-mortar and online alike, so don’t worry about availability.

For all those just beginning on their journey with products of this type, the best choice will be a self-tanning cream, as it is the Easiest to spread and dose. A fast and intense tan, on the other hand, can be provided to your skin by a self-tanning foam or spray. All you have to do is spray the cosmetic from the distance of about a dozen centimeters and spread it carefully over selected body parts.

Body bronzer

A perfect tan for just one evening that vanishes after showering – that’s possible. Such effect can be provided by a body bronzer. You don’t have to worry about getting your clothes stained. Good cosmetics are sweat and water resistant. They stick to the skin all day long and only come off when exposed to a washing agent, just like waterproof mascara for example. A bronzer will work great at a party. On top of that, the body version can also be used to tone the body, just like with a face bronzer, contouring the jawline or cheekbones.


Eating carrots or drinking carrot juice looks like a healthy, homemade way to get a slightly darker skin. Carrots contain beta-carotene, the adverse (or beneficial in this case) effect of which is temporary dyeing the skin to a slightly Yellowish hue. Our diet, however, has to be diverse and it’s most certainly a good thing for it to include carrots, although they can’t be the main ingredient of it.


Tanning at a salon – is it safe?

Tanning at a salon, especially when it’s frequent and long-term, is harmful to the skin. The health-threatening factor here is exposing the skin to the UV radiation. The consequences of frequent visits to a tanning salon are: accelerating the skin aging processes and increased risk of skin cancer, like melanoma. On top of that, regular tanning at a salon might lower the body’s immunity due to weakening the natural Protective barriers. It results in such things as increased risk of bacterial and fungal skin infections.

The contraindications for using tanning salons are: very fair skin, acute infections, temperature, menstruation, new tattoos that are still healing up, skin wounds, enlarged vessels, numerous birthmarks and chronic diseases, like cardiovascular ones or thyroid disorders.

How to select and use serums correctly?

Serum is a product, which has recently revolutionised self-care. Once – an underrated and avoided product, now – irreplaceable product to bring out what is best from the complexion! Rich in active ingredients, it restores shine, provides an Anti-wrinkling and Soothing effect. Is a serum different from cream? How to use it correctly?

How to correctly use serum and how does it work?

The effects of a serum can be compared to drinking strong tea – we like its taste, strength and we drink it regularly, however from time to time, for a change, we reach for a different beverage or tea that is brewed a bit weaker. It is similar with a serum – its concentrated effect brings quick and Noticeable results, however from time to time, it needs to be put away in favour of other products, so we do not cause our skin and hair to be “lazy” and let them “work” on their own, and also to avoid irritating and encumbering the skin and hair with too many nourishing and conditioning ingredients applied on them.

Serum contains strong active ingredients. Natural serum will contain precious oils, plant extracts, vitamins and concentrated nourishing ingredients along with, for example, flower waters or high-quality thermal water. In a lot of serums we can find strongly concentrated vitamin C – in their case, we should also use creams with high UV values in order to avoid discolorations caused by its ingredients reacting with sunlight.

Kinds of serum

We distinguish different kinds of serum, depending on what base they are created with and their consistency:

  • oil serum – containing mostly plant oils,
  • gel serum – a product of a lighter, fast absorbing consistency and a base of e.g. hyaluronan acid,
  • emulsion serum – a product with a consistency of a light cream (however not being a cream); a solution for ladies who do not like the Greasy feeling on their skin,
  • water serum – products, which have water as their base.

Anti-wrinkle prevention

It is not true that it is best to work against having wrinkles after 40. Unfortunately, the aging process in many people starts fairly quickly, even around 25 years of age, however you cannot always notice its effects. When deep wrinkles appear on the skin, it may be too late to visibly treat them with beauty products. This is why anti-wrinkle prevention is so important. The earlier we start preventing wrinkles from forming, stimulating the skin to produce collagen amongst other things, the more we can prevent first wrinkles from appearing.

And the ones that appear will be less visible than if we have not used any anti-aging products. Moreover, our habits also have an impact on the speed with which our skin ages. They include living in stress, Lack of sleep, a diet that is not varied enough or not drinking enough water. This, in connection to exposing the skin to UV radiation speeds up the drying of the skin. That is only a step away from developing discolouration and first wrinkles.

Miscarriage – adequate psychological care at the hospital

Miscarriage is a premature termination of pregnancy that has lasted for less than 22 weeks. We may also talk about a miscarriage if the fetus doesn’t weight more than 500 grams. One of the frequent causes of miscarriages are developmental defects of the fetus. It is estimated that approx. 20% of premature terminations of pregnancy are the so-called spontaneous miscarriages.

The most common causes of miscarriages

The causes of miscarriage, or losing a pregnancy, can vary. Among the ones listed most often are: genetic, anatomical, immunological, hormonal and infectious factors. There is also a large group of miscarriages without any explainable origin. These are referred to as idiomatic miscarriages. When talking about the genetic causes of miscarriages, one could especially mention the incorrect number of chromosomes.

Spontaneous miscarriages are also caused by Anatomical reasons. These include congenital defects of the uterus related to menstrual disorders that have a negative impact on the embryo implantation process. Other anatomical causes responsible for early miscarriages are intrauterine adhesions and cervical failures. Immunological causes are also pointed at, although they play a minor role during the early losses of pregnancy.

The next group of causes is the hormonal causes, which constitute about 5% of causes of recurring miscarriages. The infectious factors are the least responsible for miscarriages. However, pregnant women get routinely tested for toxoplasmosis, rubella and the herpes virus.

Symptoms of miscarriage

There are two basic clinical symptoms of a miscarriage: bleeding and pain. The earliest symptom of miscarriage is staining, in which case it is suggested to conduct the necessary tests with the doctor. It is a basic procedure that allows to determine the characteristic of bleeding in early pregnancy. If the bleeding is abundant then it might indicate a partial placental abruption. The pain is of paroxysmal nature, with different stages of severity. Most of the time women feel it around their lower abdomen or around their lower back.

causes of miscarriage

No matter in which week of pregnancy a woman lost her baby – the medical personnel should provide her with adequate Medical care and required psychological support. Sadly, the least attention is still focused on the mental state of a woman after miscarriage. Meanwhile, losing a pregnancy Exposes women to such emotions as: shock, denial, wrath, anger, guilt and helplessness.

In many cases, women affected by a miscarriage suffer from depression, especially if they aren’t provided with adequate support from those around them. They may also develop an anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. That’s what makes it so important to put more and more emphasis on providing standards for care for women who lose their pregnancy due to miscarriage.

Habitual, or recurring miscarriages

Habitual, or recurring miscarriages affect about 2% of women. This term refers to three or more subsequent losses of early pregnancies. It is estimated that recurring miscarriages constitute about 5% of all spontaneous miscarriages. Research shows that the course of the first pregnancy is not without an impact on the subsequent pregnancies.

In a woman that has already miscarried once, the threshold rises as high as up to 20 percent. The risk accumulates with the number of miscarriages and is connected to the woman’s age. Most women lose pregnancy at an early stage of its development. Recurrent miscarriages are very stressful to a woman.

Especially since their cause is hard to determine or might arise from a combination of several factors. That’s why it is so important in the Medical procedure to not only diagnose it but to also approach the patient empathetically. In case of diagnosis, it is important to determine the age of the fetus, the time of death and to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the gynecological and obstetrical history.

Elderberry to boost immunity – discover its health-promoting properties

Elderberry can achieve phenomenal effects in preventing and treatment of fall and winter infections. With this article, you will learn the properties of elderberry as per scientific research and find out how to properly prepare homemade syrup from Elderberry flowers or fruits. You will realize that you can effectively cure cold without going to a pharmacy.

Elderberry – the antiviral properties

Research shows that elderberry fruit extracts inhibit the multiplying of type A and type B flu viruses. Such antiviral activity is most likely related to the ability to block hemagglutinin. The substances contained in elderberry extracts block hemagglutinin. That way they don’t allow viruses to penetrate into your body and multiply inside it. When drinking elderberry syrup during the initial stage of cold, you can get rid of runny nose and sore throat very fast. What is interesting, scientists have proven that elderberry extracts are also active against other types of viruses, including among others the mouth herpes virus and the HIV virus.

Research also indicates beneficial impact of elderberry extracts on preventing viral infections and on cutting down the duration of cold. It has been proven that taking elderberry extracts cuts down a viral infection duration by as much as 3-4 days!

Elderberry – antibacterial properties

Further scientific papers have shown that the standardized elderberry fruit extract in 10% concentration inhibits the growth of Strepotoccus Pyogenes and the Moraxella Catharalis bacteria, which are responsible for bothersome inflammations of upper airways. Elderberry extracts also come with antibacterial properties. Elderberry juices and syrups will save your family from bacteria during viral infections, protecting from severe pneumonia.

elderberry syrup

Elderberry – sudorific and detoxifying properties

The syrup from Elderberry flowers or fruits makes a good remedy for children with cold, as a mild sudorific and antipyretic. It is suggested that elderberry also shows expectorant properties thanks to containing triterpenes. It will increase secretion of watery mucus in the airway and make it easy to expectorate it.

How to make an elderberry syrup for adults and for kids by yourself?

If your journey with elderberry is just starting, you need to keep in mind that unripe flowers and fruits contain sambunigrin, which might cause dizziness, nausea and vomiting. For that reason, all elderberry preserves need to go through Thermal processing. Drying or cooking dissolves the toxic sambunigrin, by which point you no longer need to worry that any adverse effects might occur. Making a syrup for children out of Elderberry flowers or fruits is simpler than you think.

An elderberry flower syrup recipe

Separate the collected flowers (20-40 umbels) from the twigs. Pour a liter of boiling water mixed with 1 kilogram of sugar over them. Put the resulting blend away for 24 hours in a secluded place. After that time, add lemon juice or citric acid for flavor. Pasteurize it.

An elderberry fruit syrup recipe

Place 1 kilogram of elderberry fruits in a pot and add a bit of water. Heat it in the pot until it lets out juice. Mix it and mash it into a pulp. Add 1 kilogram of sugar, which is a natural food preservative. Once the mixture cools down, press it through a gauze. Pasteurize it.

Winter running – how to get prepared for running in the wintertime?

During the fall/winter period, plenty of people put away outdoor activities. Most of the time it’s due to low temperatures or rain. There is also a popular belief that running in the winter may cause more harm than good, although it is not true.

How to get prepared for running during winter?

Winter running is a whole different kind of fun compared to the rest of the year. Obviously, if we suddenly start running right in the middle of winter and when it’s Extremely cold, we can indeed hurt ourselves. Snow is falling, it gets dark fast, the cold is biting at our ears and nose, and the freezing air makes breathing an arduous task. Such conditions make going outside to exercise a real triumph of willpower. Similar symptoms will be experienced particularly painfully by the beginning enthusiasts of running and they may lose their motivation to carry on very fast.

Those difficulties are easy to overcome by starting the journey with running much earlier. If we start running no later than by the turn of October, the body will be gradually getting used to the decreasing temperatures, but it’s a good idea to start even earlier than that. All kinds of sudden changes may have a negative impact not only on the perception of the effects of exercise, but also on its results.

Adequate clothing is essential. What to put on?

When it comes to very low temperatures, Thermal underwear might turn out to be a must and it’s a good thing to always have it around. It fits the body perfectly and drains moisture. On top of that, it is elastic, lightweight and incredibly comfortable.

When choosing the right outfit, it’s a good idea to use the rule of thumb: we dress as if it was 10 degrees more outside than in reality. After a very short time, our body will start warming up intensely, and overheating in such conditions might be very dangerous. That’s why we should forget about a down jacket, scarf or gloves. Long, insulated leggings and Lightweight running shoes will be more than enough.

winter running

The majority of body heat is expelled through head, which means it’s better to also leave the beanie hat at home. If the runner really does need it due to personal preferences, it should be something made of a thin material, or a kind that is easily penetrable by moisture and Breathable.

The cotton is definitely an enemy of a winter runner. It doesn’t expel moisture well enough and after a longer run it becomes heavy and wet. Which in turn contributes to faster heat loss, and when a cold and wet material is sticking to our back – we’re as good as cold! Which makes it a good idea to pay attention to the material our running gear is made of.

Another enemy of a winter runner is the surface. Rain, deep snow, or even ice are adversities we will have to face. Good shoes are a must. The best option will be models with an aggressive tread and Waterproof membrane. The kind that ensures stable running without the risk of slipping while also protecting from moisture. If shoes with that kind of soles turn out to be too expensive, there are also special anti-slip pads available on the market.

What else will we need?

Because winter is the time when it gets dark very fast, it’s a good idea to take care of several other pieces of equipment. Reflective elements should be an essential aspect of clothing regardless of the season, but it’s especially important in winter. Let’s not forget that when it’s dark, not only runners but also drivers have a very limited visibility, so they should look out for one another!

Running treks to the forest are a great idea, but for that kind of trip it’s better to get an additional light source. A lightweight and comfortable Headlamp is a perfect solution for every kind of terrain that is not illuminated.

Curtain bang – a fashionable cut that fits every woman

Curtain bags are one of the trendiest hairstyles of the year. Unlike baby bangs, so called Micro bangs, curtain bang is very versatile, and at the same time extremely feminine. Although this trend has been on the rise for some time now, it’s not until this year that it’s gone for good. More and more women are opting for this hairstyle.

Curtain bang for every type of beauty

Curtain bang is just a fringe that falls on both sides of a forehead. Experts believe that this kind of fringe fits every woman. It’s a timeless and very stylish hairstyle. Nowadays, it’s also becoming increasingly popular with celebrities. This of course translates into interest among other women. Some even think that this haircut can improve facial features. Curtain bang will certainly make your face slim and help cover any facial flaws such as wide cheeks or irregular features. This haircut works for every face, even the slightly chubby one.

Curtain bang – a Timeless hairstyle

A real curtain bang should be slightly raised with a round brush. This is the best way to look a little bit artistic. This is how many stars from the world of film or music wear it. Years ago, the famous Brigitte Bardot wore this hairstyle, among others. Now the curtain bang fringe is back for good. This shouldn’t change in the near future, after all, it’s a simple, elegant and Timeless hairstyle.

Curtain bang

Is it worthwhile to decide on curtain bangs?

Curtain bang has been very popular recently. The biggest stars also choose it. What does this fringe look like in practice? It has the form of long curtains spreading to the sides. The curtain bang improves facial features and can also be arranged in many different ways. It can be fluffy and thick or smooth and thin. Regardless of the chosen variant, it always looks stylish and fashionable. This cut was first launched in the 1970s by French actress Brigitte Bardot. The hairstyle she promoted does not require special care either.

So it seems that the timeless and well-shaded curtain bang has no disadvantages, on the contrary, the advantages themselves. It looks striking while improving facial features.