7 Healthy And Tasty Snacks For Diets

Healthy Snacks For Diets


7 Healthy And Tasty Snacks For Diets – A dilemma because you’re dieting but like the snacking? Diet does not mean not eating at all or not to indulge in a favorite snack, You can still be snacking, just that You need to be more wise sorting-select the type of food and organize portions. Snacks can be an emergency energy reserve before a big mealtime arrives. You can choose healthy snacks that will not make you starve when the hour arrives, the Fed could instead make you overeat. In addition, Kraft also will keep the metabolism of your body from burning fat. What are the snacks for diets that can be enjoyed when hunger struck?

What are the snacks for diets that are healthy but still tasty?

Following the recommendations of a number of options for snacks healthy diet and it tastes just as delicious with other snacks:

1. Greek yogurt with added blueberries and honey

Greek yogurt with added blueberries and honey snack for diet

When reading the word ‘ yogurt ‘ that’s on your mind is a combination of an acid sweet on the tongue with a taste of fresh flowing into the throat. Yes, sweet treats, creamy, contains this indeed feels indulgent tongue. You don’t have to worry when eating yogurt. The combination of fiber, healthy fats and proteins can overcome the hunger you every afternoon at 3.

Believe it or not, according to the Research Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Health, the website quoted the content of vitamin C in blueberries may aid fat burning in your body. Serve greek yogurt with a glass of your favorite fruits or raspberries, and add half a tablespoon of honey.

2. Apples and milk without fat

Apples are a healthy snack option and safe to diet because apples are low in calories, contains no fat or cholesterol. Instead, apples high in fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants.

Milk as an escort of apples is rich in protein. Compare with fast carbs lost, protein helps maintain energy levels in your body and help reduce the hunger for a few hours in your body.

You can choose one fruit and one meal containing protein, such as apples and milk without fat. Both these snacks can give you 10 g protein, 5 g fiber, and 200 calories.

3. Avocado and cheese

If you’re wanting a snack that is rich, creamy, and delicious, you can rely on the avocado. Here’s how you can try to eat Avocados: dividing two medium-size avocado and seeded. Grate cheese on top to fill the basin. This healthy snack can provide calories of 200 calories, 9 g protein, 7 g fiber.

4. Oatmeal and blueberries

Oatmeal not only eaten for breakfast but also good food to be eaten at any time. In addition to the rich in fibers, eating oatmeal can help regulate your blood sugar levels. Whereas, blueberries can add sweetness without the addition of sugar again. Vitamin C in blueberries is also good for keeping your immunity when in their diet. Try instant oatmeal with no sense with blueberry topping on it.

5. Canned Tuna and whole wheat crackers

If you don’t want the milk on the menu of snacks for your diet, canned tuna can be a mainstay for protein and omega-3. To get 200 calories, you can enjoy the 85 g of tuna and 6 whole wheat crackers, the amount you get 3 g of fiber and 10 g protein.

6. Seafood

Probably never thought that the mussels and shrimp in a light meal or a snack. The good news, you could try this delicious food with added greek yogurt and avocado, protein source you can get 9 g on every dish and 4 g of fiber.

7. Bananas with peanut butter

You can apply one tablespoon of peanut butter to bananas. According to the research of 2013, the British Journal of Nutrition that is quoted by the website of the Health, snacks for diet is effective in restraining appetite throughout the day.

Sources of carbohydrates from bananas to increase your energy, while the protein content of peanut butter can maintain energy remain durable for a few hours ahead. But remember, always select a sugar-free peanut butter.

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