About Us

About Us

Sandlot Solutions is a leading provider of clinical interoperability and community health management solutions was founded in 2006. Sandlot Solutions,Inc. went out of business. Sandlot Solutions,Inc., a healthcare information technology company, provides health information exchange (HIE) and data analytics tools and services for streamlining data sharing between providers, hospital systems, and health plans.

Sandlot Solutions is focus on:
– Population data analytics,
– The exchange of clinical and claim data across the care community,
– Enhanced care coordination,
– Reduce costs and transition to new business models,
– Manage risk and realized all that was missing from existing health information technology solutions.

Its solutions include Sandlot Connect, a HIE and master patient index solution that builds, collects, and shares medical record, including diagnoses, medications, and allergies; Sandlot Dimensions, a data warehouse that stores data to be shared through health information exchange and accessed via EHR and/or physician portal; and Sandlot Metrix that serves as a digital prompt system at the point of care and powers an analytics toolset for review and reports outcomes of data. The software as a service, cloud model configurable technology streamlines data sharing and provides physicians with actionable patient information and analytics at the point of care.

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about us

The company’s solution also includes Sandlot Care Assist that supports the coordination of individual patient care and monitors outcomes of population health management; Sandlot Patient Portal, a patient engagement software to view, download, and transmit encounter information, as well as provides electronic messaging with patients; and Sandlot Connect Lite, a notification system that connects hospitals and ambulatory care providers, as well as alerts about the admission and discharge of patients in hospital. Its solutions allows healthcare providers to access patient information from various sources and formats community-wide to enhance care coordination, disease management, and quality measurement.

The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Irving, Texas. Sandlot Solutions,Inc. operates as a subsidiary of North Texas Specialty Physicians. Joseph Casper is CEO of Sandlot Solutions of Fort Worth, TX. Unfortunately, the SandlotSolutions.com may have been different as in the past. In this site, we do not provide services for consulting or buy software, materials and hospital equipment. SandlotSolutions.com only will share important information about health information technology for us, and also that many people use to keep the body stay healthy.

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