Aerobic and anaerobic workout

aerobic workout

You have to exercise to lose weight. Diet alone is not enough at some point. However, the word exercise does not tell us much, because not every kind of exercise causes the same reactions in the body and doesn’t always help to lose weight. It happens that people Exercise intensively and still cannot get rid of body fat. So very often they give up their activities claiming that it makes no sense – if they don’t lose weight, there are no effects, then why bother?

Oxygen workout

A good type of weight-loss oriented workout are oxygen exercises – so called aerobic exercises. They are based on an average intensive effort of 50-80% of maximum heart rate (HRmax). Initially, for 20-30 minutes of such training, the body draws energy from muscle and liver glycogen, and then from free fatty acids.

To achieve the desired effect, aerobic exercises should be performed for at least 40 minutes, and the longer they last, the higher the amount of calories burned. Aerobic can be very different in nature and is relatively easy to perform. This type of training can be practiced as part of running, cycling, swimming, rollerblading, etc.

The aim of aerobic workout effort is primarily to maintain the average intensity of exercise for a relatively long time, not less than the aforementioned 40 minutes.

Anaerobic training

Just because aerobic effort is an effective way to lose weight doesn’t mean that anaerobic (or anaerobic) exercise doesn’t help you lose weight quickly. On the contrary, although such exercises are mainly useful for increasing muscle mass, they can also be successfully used to get rid of fat tissue. Anaerobic training contributes to the Improvement of metabolism (the rate of metabolism can increase up to three times) even up to 48 hours after the exercise.This type of activity also affects the production of collagen, which should positively translate into skin firmness and elasticity.

Another advantage of anaerobic training is the Reduction of bad cholesterol (LDL) levels in the body, as well as the regulation of glycemic levels. So what is an anaerobic training? It is based on intensive (at the level of more than 80% of the maximum heart rate) and at the same time short-term interval or strength training, during which the body uses mainly carbohydrates as an energy source.

aerobic workout

Anaerobic interval training consists of short Series of exercises, between which there is a moment of “rest” in the form of less intense exercises. Such training should last about 20-40 minutes and this is one of the best types of training for people who want to lose weight quickly. Interval exercises can be practised e. g. by cycling (some training bikes have special programs for such exercises), running, jumping, etc. Remember, however, that this type of exercise is very stressful for the body, so if you are just planning to start exercising, spend the first 2-3 months on lighter training to Prepare your body for maximum effort.