Long distance relationships – on the art of missing someone

These days many couples are in long distance relationships. Sometimes the reason is work (often when one person works overseas), sometimes studying at a university. Sometimes a couple meets through the Internet and it turns out that they live very far away from each other. In the era of modern technology keeping in touch should not be a problem, yet still keeping a sense of Intimacy in a long-distance relationship may be quite an issue.

Being together, yet apart – the shades of being single

If two people consciously choose to be in a long distance relationship – so if they live their lives in a newly defined LAT (Living Apart Together) way – it doesn’t have to mean that the relationship will fail later, when they eventually choose to share the roof. But the LAT model isn’t the key factor in a relationship – it would be hard to form one if, for example, two newlyweds bought two separate houses. This kind of relationships shows how differently being single may be defined – one could say they are half single, half in a relationship.

To people that are particularly active and Can’t stand monotony, this way of living is in a way an alternative to a relationship-based stabilisation and routine everyday tasks, which may be a great fear for them. This kind of people can’t stand stagnation and change, and variation is a key factor in their lifestyle.

Love in letters

An important factor in long distance relationship is whether it comes from a Personal choice or if it is a necessity. Not everyone is cut out for a long-distance relationship. People who like to share every moment of their life with their significant other will probably experience it badly.

It is important to put effort in the relationship, have time for the other person, care about them and support them, no matter the physical distance.

long distance relationship

How to deal with separation?

In the long run, a long-distance relationship may feel odd: you do have a significant other, but they’re not really around. Similarly to traditional relationships, the spark may go out at some point: at the beginning it feels like no distance is too big to overcome and you’re ready for anything life throws at you… but at some point you’ve had enough. Enough of spending your life commuting, of sleeping in airports and trains. The thought of travelling to meet again becomes Unpleasant, and the trips turn into chores.

On the other hand, when the relationship becomes stagnant, separation may come as some sort of rescue. Or at least it will give you a moment to breathe and figure out if the other person really is the one. You may find yourself missing them in your life, forgetting the disagreements. Or, alternatively, you won’t miss them at all: you don’t need them in your life, and the only reason you were together was out of habit. With the new Perspective that separation gave you, at least you will know what to do now.

Functional training – what is it about?

Almost every fitness club and almost every personal trainer offers functional training. Recently it has been breaking popularity records. What is it, and should YOU be doing this form of training?

What is functional training?

Functional training is a deliberate system of exercises to develop a higher level of athletic preparation and minimize the likelihood of injury. It is a system prepared not only based on recent reports from the world of science, but also based on many years of coaching and physiotherapeutic experience. Functional training is not just about developing muscle mass for aesthetic purposes or Increasing strength. These are like “side effects” of training aimed at improving health and Quality of life.

The main goals are to reduce the risk of injury, to reduce the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and to improve sports performance. It focuses on preventing injuries by including appropriate corrective exercises, but also, at the same time, on improving sports performance or improving the functioning of the body. This is achieved by progressively performing more and more demanding exercises, tailored individually to those exercising based on a series of tests.

It is not just a passing trend, but the result of increased knowledge of training and rehabilitation. Functional training is the logical future not only in the field of improving sports performance but also in the field of personal training. As the name suggests, it promotes training according to a function, whether it is the kind we must perform in a given sport or the kind we have lost (e.g. as a result of a sedentary lifestyle).

Equipment used for functional training

When it comes to equipment used for functional training, the choice is very broad. In addition to traditional solutions, such as barbells and dumbbells, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with other tools.

  • Kettlebell
    It is incredibly helpful in functional training. As the core weight of the mass is not in the centre, we will have to use muscles that are responsible for local and global stability more than with classic loads. Thus, kettlebell mimics most of the objects of everyday life well, such as a shopping bag.
  • Sled
    The exercise sled allows you to perform numerous Movement patterns without making major changes to the equipment itself. You can push it in different directions without changing the load on it. During activity, most of the back and front muscles will be involved, which are used by athletes as well as during everyday activities.
  • What is functional training?
  • Batlle ropes
    They offer the perfect balance between endurance and strength training. They can easily be paired together with the sled in order to pull it along, which is quite a popular element of training for American football and rugby players.
  • Slam ball
    Another great piece of equipment used in functional training is the slam ball. It is a great tool used to improve explosive force, dynamics or motor coordination. You can work with the ball from different angles and thus moderate the activity of the rectus abdominus (ab) muscles, oblique muscles or even hip flexors.
  • TRX
    The last element used in functional training, which is worth mentioning, is the suspension system training – TRX. As in the case of the above tools, with TRX we are able to work the whole body in practically all its planes while using most of the Movement patterns.

Depression after a divorce – how to deal with it?

On a psychological scale, the experience of divorce is as difficult as the death of a loved one. Sometimes, apart from stress, both sides are accompanied by insomnia, loneliness, and even depression. At this time you cannot ignore these emotions, but Accept them. You should also seek support from your loved ones.

Divorce destroys the psyche

When a Marriage breaks up, we are accompanied by various feelings: disbelief, denial, insecurity, distrust of other people, despair, tearing, loneliness, feeling of emptiness, regret. To this are added other symptoms of depression – sleep problems (insomnia or excessive sleepiness), loss of appetite (or on the contrary, absorbing huge amounts of food), fatigue, emotional instability, remorse, problems with concentration and memory, tendency to be aggressive, drastic drop in Self-esteem. There may also be melting of sorrows in alcohol, and in some cases a suicide attempt.

How can I help myself?

Your world has collapsed, your plans and dreams are ruined. To rebuild yourself, you need TIME. After such a big crisis, emotional balance is achieved in small steps.

  • Accept the situation
    There’s no hiding it – a divorce is a “bitter pill” to swallow, but only by coming to terms with what happened, you can go further. It will not happen immediately and without stopping to reflect. It’s a time when a person has the right to feel powerless, weak, tired. Nevertheless, it is dangerous to fall into complaining mode. Looking at yourself calmly, finding inner peace and thinking about what you want can help you more. These answers do not come immediately. Everyone’s at a different pace.
  • Take care of yourself
    Self-care is one of the most important activities during and after a divorce. Join a new group of people, meditate, try to stimulate a sense of love for yourself. Exercises are a great idea – they prevent depression and help to manage emotions.
  • Take care of building Self-esteem
    Forgive your mistakes and learn from them. You won’t go back in time, but you can build a better self. Self-confidence is created when you Accept yourself with your pros and cons.
  • Behold your loved ones
    One of the worst things you can do to yourself after a divorce is to keep your friends and relatives away from you. Let yourself be Helped, let yourself be confided in by a person who will certainly understand and listen to you – suppressing and leaving thoughts and feelings to yourself will not help you at all.


Allowing yourself to experience difficult emotions and turn to your loved ones is one thing. Depression after a divorce should be treated. You should go to a psychologist or psychiatrist. Your doctor will probably recommend taking antidepressants or mood stabilisers. Psychotherapy is also very important. There are support groups for people after a divorce in many places. Participation in such meetings will help you to cope with the pain. You will be listened to, and you will learn how others cope with your pain after the divorce.

How to take care of your feet? Home remedies for hard skin

How to take care of your feet? After all, they are particularly Vulnerable to injuries and irritation, because it is on them that we base our greatest weight. Most often, we only care about the appearance of nails, and forget about proper moisturizing, tearing off dead skin and preventing corns and calluses. When you feel your feet feel and look bad, introduce a fast renewal program. Check how to take care of your feet.

The role of proper foot care

The skin on the feet is devoid of sebaceous glands, while it has many sweat glands, which promotes its tendency to dry out and keratinize. If the dead skin is removed irregularly or ignored, it can lead to Troublesome and Painful heel cracking over time. Improperly cared for, wet from sweat and overheated skin provides excellent conditions for the development of fungi and bacteria.

The most common cosmetic problems in the foot area include:

  • dry skin;
  • hypertrophic skin keratosis;
  • the formation of prints, corns and calluses;
  • breaking heels;
  • excessive sweating of the feet;
  • ingrown nails.

Understated foot cosmetic problems usually deepen and over time lead to diseases that in extreme situations require Surgical treatment.

Home remedies for cracked heels

  • Bath – just a little milk (half a glass) and a few spoons of olive oil. Pour it into a bowl of water and dip your feet. Sometimes salt alone is also enough. It’s best to soak your legs in such water for 15-20 minutes.
  • Peeling – sugar, olive oil and a little lemon juice can be used to prepare a natural foot peeling. The sugar crystals will, like the granules in the peeling, wipe off the dead skin and the oil will moisturize the skin.
  • Emery board – well, you can use different instruments for calloused skin. If you have a natural pumice stone at home, that’s a bravo for you.
  • Mask – at the end of the day, when you’re getting ready for bed, you can make a cracked heel mask yourself at home. Just a spoonful of coconut oil, a spoonful of lemon juice and a few drops of natural oil, e. g. mint or lavender, and rub the mixture into cracked skin.
foot care

Make an appointment with a specialist

And if you think that a wound or change on your feet is not entirely normal and can be dangerous, you don’t know what’s causing it or how to deal with it – the best thing to do is to see a specialist. The doctor who deals with your feet is a Podiatrist. Remember, you must always be aware of your needs and anxieties if you have a bad feeling – don’t hesitate and make an appointment.

How to cope with being cheated on?

In psychological terms, cheating means deliberate and intentional violation of trust given by the partner. We need to remember, though, that cheating doesn’t mean the end of the world. It might turn out to be a building crisis. The only condition for repairing such relationship is mutual willingness to return to normal life together.

Why do we cheat?

When someone gets cheated on, “why?” is the question that most often and most persistently echoes around the head. There might be many reasons. The most common one is lack of sexual satisfaction in the relationship, or lack of any sex. The longing for new experiences, for spicing up the sex life. In many cases, purely physical aspects have many underlying emotional causes, it might be a need for affection, or acceptance, it might be longing for Warmth and understanding, which the partner isn’t getting in the relationship.

Sometimes infidelity might be a revenge against the partner for causing suffering or humiliation. In some cases it is being disappointed with the relationship. Sometimes the cheater jumps on opportunity, loses control, like when under influence of alcohol.

There is also an increased risk of infidelity when going through a crisis in life. A common reason is desire to validate own value and attractiveness. There might also be a fear of intimacy. There are plenty of motives for cheating and it often seems to us that we should find one specific cause, but the reality is that the basis for cheating is a configuration of many different factors.


How to handle the pain?

Every relationship means risk. No one can Guarantee us an eternal, unfading love and life without obstacles. When saying “I do”, none of us certainly ever thought that you might one day have to solve the issue of cheating. And yet it happened. All that is left is emptiness, pain, feeling hurt, shame, bitterness, sadness and tears.

What to do in such situation? There are two options: either leave with pride and hope for a better relationship with someone else in the future, or forgive cheating. The latter is more difficult and is all about not forgetting what happened yet being able to learn from mistakes and never repeat them again.

They say that damaged things are to be repaired and not thrown away. It is convenient to abandon all hope and start a new life, but it’s a good idea to ask yourself if it wouldn’t be nice to try to Fix this relationship between two people, which often lasted for many years.

If we feel such need, we can turn to our family for advice, although the best solution is visiting a psychologist. Another good idea is couples counseling, the purpose of which is to understand both parties and find a way to Fix the relationship. It has helped plenty of couples get their old life back and get over cheating.

The most effective stomach exercise

Belly exercise should constitute a vital part of your workout if you want to enjoy a flat stomach. There’s a whole lot of such exercises. Which of them to choose?

Maintain a Balanced diet

If you dream of a beautiful summer body and are wondering how to lose the gut in a month through diet and stomach exercise, you need to avoid the following products during that time:

  • fried and greasy meals,
  • fast-food,
  • salty snacks,
  • candy,
  • cakes, pastries,
  • highly-processed products,
  • sweet drinks and juices.

The most effective stomach exercises

It’s time to focus on active exercising and finally learn the set of most recommended and effective exercises that will allow to quickly achieve the dream results, improve condition and sculpt a flat and muscular stomach that is a dream of not only many women but also men. So which stomach exercises are good to perform to achieve relatively fast results?

  • Squats
    The most basic exercise recommended for the start. A properly performed squat requires standing with feet apart at the shoulders’ width. To maintain Balance, it’s a good idea to lift arms at the chest level. A squat is performed by lowering hips until the thighs become parallel to the floor – that’s when we stretch back up.
  • Torso bends with arm lifts while lying down
    The exercise requires lying down on a flat surface with arms stretched out above the head. We clench the abdominal muscles and lift our legs, straight in the knees, above the ground so that they make a 45 angle relative to the ground. In this position, we perform a bend – lifting our head, arms and shoulders while trying to touch the knees with our hands, then we return to the initial position.
  • Arches
    An exercise that is a little reminiscent of yoga, yet very effective in terms of strengthening abdominal muscles. In order to perform it correctly, we need to lie down on the floor on our stomach, bend our legs in our knees so that we can grab our ankles with our hands. We take the arch position by lifting thighs and chest as high as we can – all while still holding our ankles with our hands. After lifting the body to the max we stop, and then we remain in the position for a few seconds and slowly return to the initial position.
  • stomach exercise
  • Sit-ups with legs lifted
    This variation of the classic sit-ups allows to tense up the abdominal muscles to the maximum, which allows to exercise them effectively. That’s another good exercise for beginners who still cannot perform Too many repetitions of the traditional sit-ups. Performing the exercise properly requires a lying position (on the back) with hands crossed behind the neck. In a simpler version, hands can be stretched forward.
  • Moving from a board pose to a side board
    This exercise allows to exercise abdominal muscles in a different area than bends and squats. We take the board pose by resting on our forearms and straightening the body with hips above the ground (the body rests upon three points – both forearms and connected feet). We slowly move to the side board – we twist the body to the side by reaching one arm in the air and rotating the torso and hips and legs. Once the Outstretched arm points vertically at the ceiling, we stop and return to the initial position.

Fashionable lip makeup – how to use a matte pomade?

Matte lips are still the number one among the hottest trends this cold winter. Have you also gone crazy about them, but still aren’t quite sure how to introduce this trend to your daily makeup?

How to pick the right matte pomade?

The pomade’s color should Match the skin tone. If you have a colder shade of complexion, choose colder lipstick colors. Warm colors, with a shade of brown and golden pigments, will go well with olive and peachy skin. Alabaster complexion goes well with cooler shades of strong rouge, for example.

For a less fair complexion with colder shades, brick and intense reds will be suitable. Those with darker, “cold” complexion could go for grape colors and violets. Warmer Complexions will enjoy coral (fair complexion), bright coral (medium), orange-red (olive).


Exfoliation is a must, and not just when using matte lipsticks. Just like the rest of our skin, our lips enjoy an exfoliating massage, but it has to be done carefully. The skin on the lips is thin and delicate, so the massage should be delicate as well. You can buy a premade product for this exact purpose, but you may also create your own homemade exfoliating solution. All you need is sugar and a bit of honey. With such treatment, your lips will look healthy and you’ll get rid of dry skin.

matte pomade


Because matte lipsticks tend to make the lips dry, they need to be provided with a good dose of moisturizing! You should use moisturizing sticks or even cosmetic Vaseline as often as you can. Another very good idea is to apply a thicker layer of night balsam.

Remember that licking your lips is the worst idea when we feel that our lips are dry. Exposure to saliva only makes them even drier, and doing it outside in a cold weather will certainly make the condition of your lips even worse! Of course there’s more to moisturizing than just external influence. Lips are also impacted by low body hydration, which is a good reason to remember to drink water regularly (at least 1.5 liter).


Matte pomades are slightly more demanding. It’s not possible to apply them on the lips without using a mirror. It’s a good idea to spend some time on making the lips look perfect – it takes some precision. Lipsticks are brilliant at covering up right from the first layer, so watch out not to go outside the contour of the lips – it will be hard to correct.

  • Apply the base under the pomade. Then powder the lips Gently. It will strengthen the makeup. This procedure will also allow you to achieve the matte lips effect (even if you use a shiny pomade).
  • Use a liner to draw around the contour of the lips. Start from the Cupid’s bow, which is the middle of the upper lip.
  • Get some balsam on a brush and lightly spread the liner so that its line isn’t visible.
  • Press the balsam with a tissue and apply lipstick with a brush.
  • Reinforce the pomade. If your lips are smooth and well moisturized, use a so-called fixer. If not – powder them Gently or apply a little bit of eyeshadow.

Aerobic and anaerobic workout

You have to exercise to lose weight. Diet alone is not enough at some point. However, the word exercise does not tell us much, because not every kind of exercise causes the same reactions in the body and doesn’t always help to lose weight. It happens that people Exercise intensively and still cannot get rid of body fat. So very often they give up their activities claiming that it makes no sense – if they don’t lose weight, there are no effects, then why bother?

Oxygen workout

A good type of weight-loss oriented workout are oxygen exercises – so called aerobic exercises. They are based on an average intensive effort of 50-80% of maximum heart rate (HRmax). Initially, for 20-30 minutes of such training, the body draws energy from muscle and liver glycogen, and then from free fatty acids.

To achieve the desired effect, aerobic exercises should be performed for at least 40 minutes, and the longer they last, the higher the amount of calories burned. Aerobic can be very different in nature and is relatively easy to perform. This type of training can be practiced as part of running, cycling, swimming, rollerblading, etc.

The aim of aerobic workout effort is primarily to maintain the average intensity of exercise for a relatively long time, not less than the aforementioned 40 minutes.

Anaerobic training

Just because aerobic effort is an effective way to lose weight doesn’t mean that anaerobic (or anaerobic) exercise doesn’t help you lose weight quickly. On the contrary, although such exercises are mainly useful for increasing muscle mass, they can also be successfully used to get rid of fat tissue. Anaerobic training contributes to the Improvement of metabolism (the rate of metabolism can increase up to three times) even up to 48 hours after the exercise.This type of activity also affects the production of collagen, which should positively translate into skin firmness and elasticity.

Another advantage of anaerobic training is the Reduction of bad cholesterol (LDL) levels in the body, as well as the regulation of glycemic levels. So what is an anaerobic training? It is based on intensive (at the level of more than 80% of the maximum heart rate) and at the same time short-term interval or strength training, during which the body uses mainly carbohydrates as an energy source.

aerobic workout

Anaerobic interval training consists of short Series of exercises, between which there is a moment of “rest” in the form of less intense exercises. Such training should last about 20-40 minutes and this is one of the best types of training for people who want to lose weight quickly. Interval exercises can be practised e. g. by cycling (some training bikes have special programs for such exercises), running, jumping, etc. Remember, however, that this type of exercise is very stressful for the body, so if you are just planning to start exercising, spend the first 2-3 months on lighter training to Prepare your body for maximum effort.

How does rutoside work? Is it an effective medicine in case of cold?

Even people with healthy lifestyles are constantly exposed to infections. They are associated not only with malaise, but also cause problems at work or school. So how do you make your illness Last less?

Rutoside – properties

The rutin (rutoside) is obtained from flowers of the Japanese pagoda tree (Styphnolobium japonicum) and from buckwheat, St. John’s wort, peppermint, rue, barberry, black chokeberry, three-colored violet and black elderberry. Vegetables like onions, sweet potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and fruits – berries, limes, lemons, oranges and grapes are rich in rutin. Sometimes rutin is incorrectly called Vitamin P. It strengthens and seals capillaries, preventing the formation of spider veins or reducing already existing ones. Has anti-exudative properties.

Reduces the cytotoxicity of oxidized cholesterol, prevents the formation of some Highly reactive free Radicals. Slows down the oxidation of vitamin C (thereby prolonging its action). It also has anti-inflammatory effects. Due to rutin, the body can also block some allergic reactions.


How does rutin work?

The most important properties of rutoside include:

  • Antioxidant effect. Rutin reduces the formation of free Radicals that initiate the aging process and contribute to the development of such diseases like atherosclerosis, cancer or stroke.
  • The same mechanism has a direct effect on increasing the immunity, which reduces the symptoms of infection and reduces its duration.
  • This compound also reduces the formation of prostaglandins that are responsible for the development of inflammation in the first place.
  • It is recommended to take suplements with rutin in case of excessive nosebleeds, ruptured blood vessels or bruises, because they seal small blood vessels. In addition, they reduce their susceptibility to cracking. This is very important in the case of colds, because airtight vessels are a barrier and prevent viruses from entering the body.
  • Rutoside prevents the formation of mucosal edema, which allows you to relieve the symptoms of a cold and reduce the symptoms of a runny nose. This compound is a component of drugs that reduce swelling legs.
  • Rutoside has been shown to be antiviral. This is particularly important for the treatment of the common cold, which is always an infection of viral origin.

Side effects of the rutin

Although rutin is found in many drugs, dietary supplements and cosmetics, it should not be treated as a substance completely inert to the body. Prolonged use of rutin may increase the effects of anticoagulants. What’s more, rutin most often occurs with vitamin C, which can reduce the effectiveness of antidepressants, as well as increase the absorption of iron from the digestive tract. Rutin intake can also lead to the precipitation of crystals of various compounds in the urine. However, its long-term use may increase the effect of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Barbell squats – the right technique and load

Squat with a barbell is certainly one of the most important exercises to improve the athletic performance of athletes in many disciplines. However, this seemingly easy exercise turns out to be extremely complicated, that’s why many myths revolve around him.

How to do squats properly?

It may seem that doing barbell squats is a very simple thing. Nothing more wrong. It turns out that poorly performed fitness exercises can cause Overloading of the knee and even degeneration of the spine.

What are the most important rules when doing squats?

  • First of all, do them slowly.
  • It’s important to keep your spine straight and your stomach pulled in during your workout.
  • Squats can be done in series: preferably 12-16 repetitions per series.

Why should you do squats with a barbell?

Although at first glance it seems that this is only an exercise for the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, it is worth knowing that barbell squats also involve other muscle groups, such as back and abdominal muscles, calves and many others. Therefore, it is said that squats with a barbell are a general development exercise and bring a lot of results – of course, provided it is done correctly.

Preparation before exercises

Let’s also remember that as before any type of exercise, as well as before doing squats with a barbell, it is necessary to warm up, preparing muscles and Increasing blood flow. It is also recommended to use a few initial series with less load after the warm-up.

barbell squats

Graduate the exercise is highly suggested! What do you need? This exercise requires professional equipment, so it is recommended to do it at the gym. At the beginning, it is certainly good to use the help of a Professional trainer – both in terms of instruction and proper care (supervision).

The correct technique for doing exercises

The technique of squatting with a barbell is of colossal importance in terms of effectiveness as well as safety. Remember about the right position before doing squats with a barbell! If you don’t have experience, first ask for belaying during the exercise – preferably a person with experience.

  • Stand slightly apart in front of the barbell rack – have your feet in shoulder width apart or slightly wider. Spread your feet, sliding your toes slightly outwards.
  • Place the barbell on the shoulders on the so-called trapezoidal muscles – remember to grab it as wide as possible. Tilt your elbows back slightly.
  • Remember that the posture you take in the starting position is of key importance for the safety and results of exercises – remember to keep your back straight, the chest slightly forward, the lower back pushed out in front, take a deep breath.
  • Move (change position to squat) start by pushing your hips backwards – let them be the initiator of the movement, knees in the next order, go down until you feel the maximum extension of the quadriceps muscle. We stop moving for a moment.
  • Return to initial position – exhale. It can be carried out faster than the first move. Try not to straighten your knees all the way. When doing exercises, remember to stabilize your posture all the time – don’t let go of your back or stomach muscles! Both feet fully on the ground!