Barbell squats – the right technique and load

barbell squats

Squat with a barbell is certainly one of the most important exercises to improve the athletic performance of athletes in many disciplines. However, this seemingly easy exercise turns out to be extremely complicated, that’s why many myths revolve around him.

How to do squats properly?

It may seem that doing barbell squats is a very simple thing. Nothing more wrong. It turns out that poorly performed fitness exercises can cause Overloading of the knee and even degeneration of the spine.

What are the most important rules when doing squats?

  • First of all, do them slowly.
  • It’s important to keep your spine straight and your stomach pulled in during your workout.
  • Squats can be done in series: preferably 12-16 repetitions per series.

Why should you do squats with a barbell?

Although at first glance it seems that this is only an exercise for the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, it is worth knowing that barbell squats also involve other muscle groups, such as back and abdominal muscles, calves and many others. Therefore, it is said that squats with a barbell are a general development exercise and bring a lot of results – of course, provided it is done correctly.

Preparation before exercises

Let’s also remember that as before any type of exercise, as well as before doing squats with a barbell, it is necessary to warm up, preparing muscles and Increasing blood flow. It is also recommended to use a few initial series with less load after the warm-up.

barbell squats

Graduate the exercise is highly suggested! What do you need? This exercise requires professional equipment, so it is recommended to do it at the gym. At the beginning, it is certainly good to use the help of a Professional trainer – both in terms of instruction and proper care (supervision).

The correct technique for doing exercises

The technique of squatting with a barbell is of colossal importance in terms of effectiveness as well as safety. Remember about the right position before doing squats with a barbell! If you don’t have experience, first ask for belaying during the exercise – preferably a person with experience.

  • Stand slightly apart in front of the barbell rack – have your feet in shoulder width apart or slightly wider. Spread your feet, sliding your toes slightly outwards.
  • Place the barbell on the shoulders on the so-called trapezoidal muscles – remember to grab it as wide as possible. Tilt your elbows back slightly.
  • Remember that the posture you take in the starting position is of key importance for the safety and results of exercises – remember to keep your back straight, the chest slightly forward, the lower back pushed out in front, take a deep breath.
  • Move (change position to squat) start by pushing your hips backwards – let them be the initiator of the movement, knees in the next order, go down until you feel the maximum extension of the quadriceps muscle. We stop moving for a moment.
  • Return to initial position – exhale. It can be carried out faster than the first move. Try not to straighten your knees all the way. When doing exercises, remember to stabilize your posture all the time – don’t let go of your back or stomach muscles! Both feet fully on the ground!