Bromelain and papain – performance and use

The cosmetics market is developing dynamically. Consumers have increasingly high expectations and cosmetic companies are outperforming themselves to meet them. Innovative products are being created with the use of new and new raw materials, which guarantee that a beautiful and young look will last longer. Enzymes are a series of compounds, which are increasingly used in cosmetics.

Bromelain – does it cure?

Bromelain is an enzyme naturally present in pineapple. It has the ability to quickly break down proteins, thus facilitating their digestion, preventing various intestinal disorders and food allergies. It also removes toxins accumulated in the body, which adversely affect its proper functioning. Bromelain also has a soothing effect, especially during Inflammation or injuries. It reduces pain and swelling, while accelerating wound healing.

Bromelain regulates the functioning of the immune system, reducing its load by eliminating harmful bacteria and viruses. It facilitates and supports weight loss and improves the condition of our oral cavity.

Properties of bromelain

Bromelain is beneficial for the respiratory system and also an effective agent in the treatment of infections as it reduces the density of mucus. It also relieves pain in sinusitis and brings relief during asthma or chronic bronchitis. This enzyme also Strengthens the cardiovascular system by reducing platelet aggregation, reducing platelet viscosity and preventing the formation of clots.

It happens that after eating a certain amount of pineapple, we experience tongue and palate stinging or burning. This does not mean that the fruit was spoiled. On the contrary, the level of bromelain in this fruit is very high, because it is responsible for this temporary discomfort.


What’s papaine?

Papain is an enzyme classified as a subclass of proteases, that is, proteolytic enzymes of the hydrolysis class, which catalyses proteolysis, that is, cutting Peptide bonds in the process of hydrolysis (a double exchange reaction between water and the substance dissolved in it). Proteolysis occurs regardless of the amino acids adjacent to the peptide bond.

Papaine is obtained from the milk of the fruit and leaves of the melon tree, which is commonly called papaya or blackberry. Green, unripe fruits have the most active papaine.

The use of papain in medicine

Papaine has beneficial effects on the human body. It is similar to pepsin, an enzyme secreted mainly by the glandular cells of the stomach, which is a component of gastric juice, which breaks down proteins into polypeptide chains during digestion. Therefore, it is often referred to as plant pepsin.

Papain is a component of protein nutrients or enzymatic mixtures used by athletes whose diet contains large amounts of protein. The enzyme supports the absorption of amino acids and relieves the digestive system. It alleviates possible digestive ailments – heartburn, flatulence and nausea. It stimulates appetite, prevents ulcers and reduces pain. Reduces convalescence time after injuries and traumas.

Papaine in cosmetics

Papaine is being used in cosmetics. It quite often co-occurs with bromelain, an enzyme obtained from pineapple fruit. It is a bioactive substance with effective keratolytic effect. It shows softening and dissolving properties of Dead epidermal cells. Therefore, it is a frequent component of peelings, which perfectly cleanse, refresh and reduce the roughness of the face skin. It accelerates the regeneration and renewal of the epidermis. It removes impurities and reduces excess sebum. Peelings with papain are recommended especially for people with oily, sensitive, capillary, mixed and problematic skin. It is also used to produce anti-cellulite creams.

Facial hair – how to get rid of it naturally?

In such situation like problem of excessive facial hair not all of us like to use the services of a beautician. But nowadays it’s not a problem. There are homemade ways that work the same way, don’t cause pain, and are not that expensive. Check here how you can get rid of Unwanted hair.

Individual hair removal with Tweezers. Is it worth it?

Removing facial hair is embarrassing for many women. There are many methods that allow you to eliminate unnecessary hair and get rid of the problem. One of them is pulling hair with Tweezers.

Of course, the tweezer removal procedure must be repeated regularly. It should be mentioned that removing hair in this way is painful and can lead to irritation of sensitive facial skin. Therefore, we should moisturize the areas from which we most often pull out the hair. This is also needed because the hair often grows back and causes unsightly red pimples.

Hair removal with wax patches

You can get a professional treatment by a cosmetician and get your hair removed with a warm wax. There is also the possibility of performing a similar procedure home – the alternative is cold wax patches, available at every popular cosmetic store. On the packaging you will find detailed instructions that you should follow to effectively remove hair. This is an effective method that makes the skin smooth for up to 6 weeks. This option to remove facial hair is not recommended for people with sensitive skin because it can visibly irritate it.

facial hair

Hair removal with depilatory cream

This is the most delicate method to get rid of facial hair, it is easy and completely Painless. Products that you will find in cosmetics stores and drugstores dissolve the keratin structure of the hair.

Facial hair removal with a trimmer

Use a special eyebrow trimmer to remove even the least visible and thin hair from your face. The skin must first be stretched, and the cutter applied at an angle of 45 degrees, removing the hair with short moves. The main downside of this method is that the hair grows back quickly because it is only trimmed.

Homemade methods

We suggest home ways for getting rid of Unwanted hair:

    To make this mask you only need 3 ingredients: coconut oil, water and flour. First gently apply oil to your face. Then add water to the flour and mix well to obtain a paste. Then spread over the oil on your face. Wait for it to dry and then you can easily remove everything from your face.
    Mix lemon and honey with oats. Then, in a circular motion, spread the mixture over the entire face. The whole procedure should last about 20 minutes. After all, wash your face with water.
    Grate half a cup of dry apricots and mix with a small amount of powder. Then add a tablespoon of honey and mix everything well. Spread the mask on your face and hold for about 10 minutes. Wash with water. Repeat 4 times a week.
    This is the easiest way. Apply a small amount of natural honey to your face. Wait 30 minutes and wash your face with warm water.

Enzyme peeling – answer to four basic questions

Enzyme peeling is a way to cleanse the skin and get rid of dead skin cells. It does not contain Abrasive particles, making it extremely delicate. Find out the answer to the four basic and Most important questions about enzymatic peeling – what exactly is it, how it works on the skin, for who is it best for and finally how to use it.

What is enzyme peeling?

Enzyme peeling is a type of cosmetic treatment classified as chemical peels, characterized by a creamy consistency without Abrasive granules. It differs from mechanical peeling (so-called scrub), which is not suitable for all skin types due to the Abrasive. Enzymatic facial peeling is especially recommended for capillaries, acne, sensitive, dry and prone to irritation skin. The natural enzyme peeling offered in beauty salons can be prepared and made yourself at home or you can buy ready-made products in drugstores or pharmacies and enjoy the effects after just a few sessions.

How enzyme peeling works?

The enzyme peeling genlty Exfoliates dead skin due to the presence of so-called proteolytic enzymes. plant. These are e.g. bromelain obtained from pineapple or papaya originating from papaya. Enzymes found in this type of peels additionally stimulate cel regeneration and accelerate the formation of new skin cells. They penetrate to a depth of about 0.45 mm into the skin, cleansing its pores and removing and removing any impurities.

The enzyme peeling often comes in the form of masks that do not have Abrasive particles that can often irritate the face. Therefore, anyone can really use it. This type of peeling is left on the skin for several minutes, and then washed off after the allotted time.

Who is it recommended for?

Enzyme peels are basically suitable for the care of all skin types – dry as well as oily, mature or acne skin. But due to the fact that their use is not accompanied by rubbing the skin, its warming or deeper damage, it is especially recommended for people with active acne with purulent inflammatory lesions, capillaries or Sensitive skin.

enzyme peeling

How to use?

We apply the enzyme peeling to previously cleansed skin. Before making it, it is worth assessing the purification of the skin, because if the peeling contains cleaning substances – all you need to do is remove the makeup. In turn, the lack of cleaning substances will require thorough cleaning of the skin with the use of gel, foam or cleansing emulsion and its toring. Only on that prepared skin we apply the peeling.

We apply the enzyme peeling to slightly damp skin with dry hands. Then we do a massage (for this, the hands should be moistened with water), during which the peeling turns into a cream emulsion and can lightly pinch the skin. The massage should last 5 to 10 minutes, although for very Sensitive skin this time can be shortened to 2-3 minutes. We can leave the peeling on the skin just like a mask and moisten it when we feel it is drying.

Fashionable lip makeup – how to use a matte pomade?

Matte lips are still the number one among the hottest trends this cold winter. Have you also gone crazy about them, but still aren’t quite sure how to introduce this trend to your daily makeup?

How to pick the right matte pomade?

The pomade’s color should Match the skin tone. If you have a colder shade of complexion, choose colder lipstick colors. Warm colors, with a shade of brown and golden pigments, will go well with olive and peachy skin. Alabaster complexion goes well with cooler shades of strong rouge, for example.

For a less fair complexion with colder shades, brick and intense reds will be suitable. Those with darker, “cold” complexion could go for grape colors and violets. Warmer Complexions will enjoy coral (fair complexion), bright coral (medium), orange-red (olive).


Exfoliation is a must, and not just when using matte lipsticks. Just like the rest of our skin, our lips enjoy an exfoliating massage, but it has to be done carefully. The skin on the lips is thin and delicate, so the massage should be delicate as well. You can buy a premade product for this exact purpose, but you may also create your own homemade exfoliating solution. All you need is sugar and a bit of honey. With such treatment, your lips will look healthy and you’ll get rid of dry skin.

matte pomade


Because matte lipsticks tend to make the lips dry, they need to be provided with a good dose of moisturizing! You should use moisturizing sticks or even cosmetic Vaseline as often as you can. Another very good idea is to apply a thicker layer of night balsam.

Remember that licking your lips is the worst idea when we feel that our lips are dry. Exposure to saliva only makes them even drier, and doing it outside in a cold weather will certainly make the condition of your lips even worse! Of course there’s more to moisturizing than just external influence. Lips are also impacted by low body hydration, which is a good reason to remember to drink water regularly (at least 1.5 liter).


Matte pomades are slightly more demanding. It’s not possible to apply them on the lips without using a mirror. It’s a good idea to spend some time on making the lips look perfect – it takes some precision. Lipsticks are brilliant at covering up right from the first layer, so watch out not to go outside the contour of the lips – it will be hard to correct.

  • Apply the base under the pomade. Then powder the lips Gently. It will strengthen the makeup. This procedure will also allow you to achieve the matte lips effect (even if you use a shiny pomade).
  • Use a liner to draw around the contour of the lips. Start from the Cupid’s bow, which is the middle of the upper lip.
  • Get some balsam on a brush and lightly spread the liner so that its line isn’t visible.
  • Press the balsam with a tissue and apply lipstick with a brush.
  • Reinforce the pomade. If your lips are smooth and well moisturized, use a so-called fixer. If not – powder them Gently or apply a little bit of eyeshadow.

How to sunbathe safely?

The ever raising temperatures make us interested in getting exposed to the sun, trying to replenish the vitamin D deficiency. The sunbathing season is about to start. But how about getting yourself a perfect tan with a bronzer or at a tanning salon? After all, not everyone has time to spend a few hours lying in the sun.

A good self-tanner

If you dream of a tan that will last for at least a week without sunbath, get yourself a self-tanning spray, Foam or cream, depending on your preferred texture and applying method. Modern cosmetics provide very natural looking results. They also have another upside – they can be applied incredibly evenly. On top of that, you can easily buy them at drugstores or perfumeries, brick-and-mortar and online alike, so don’t worry about availability.

For all those just beginning on their journey with products of this type, the best choice will be a self-tanning cream, as it is the Easiest to spread and dose. A fast and intense tan, on the other hand, can be provided to your skin by a self-tanning foam or spray. All you have to do is spray the cosmetic from the distance of about a dozen centimeters and spread it carefully over selected body parts.

Body bronzer

A perfect tan for just one evening that vanishes after showering – that’s possible. Such effect can be provided by a body bronzer. You don’t have to worry about getting your clothes stained. Good cosmetics are sweat and water resistant. They stick to the skin all day long and only come off when exposed to a washing agent, just like waterproof mascara for example. A bronzer will work great at a party. On top of that, the body version can also be used to tone the body, just like with a face bronzer, contouring the jawline or cheekbones.


Eating carrots or drinking carrot juice looks like a healthy, homemade way to get a slightly darker skin. Carrots contain beta-carotene, the adverse (or beneficial in this case) effect of which is temporary dyeing the skin to a slightly Yellowish hue. Our diet, however, has to be diverse and it’s most certainly a good thing for it to include carrots, although they can’t be the main ingredient of it.


Tanning at a salon – is it safe?

Tanning at a salon, especially when it’s frequent and long-term, is harmful to the skin. The health-threatening factor here is exposing the skin to the UV radiation. The consequences of frequent visits to a tanning salon are: accelerating the skin aging processes and increased risk of skin cancer, like melanoma. On top of that, regular tanning at a salon might lower the body’s immunity due to weakening the natural Protective barriers. It results in such things as increased risk of bacterial and fungal skin infections.

The contraindications for using tanning salons are: very fair skin, acute infections, temperature, menstruation, new tattoos that are still healing up, skin wounds, enlarged vessels, numerous birthmarks and chronic diseases, like cardiovascular ones or thyroid disorders.

How to select and use serums correctly?

Serum is a product, which has recently revolutionised self-care. Once – an underrated and avoided product, now – irreplaceable product to bring out what is best from the complexion! Rich in active ingredients, it restores shine, provides an Anti-wrinkling and Soothing effect. Is a serum different from cream? How to use it correctly?

How to correctly use serum and how does it work?

The effects of a serum can be compared to drinking strong tea – we like its taste, strength and we drink it regularly, however from time to time, for a change, we reach for a different beverage or tea that is brewed a bit weaker. It is similar with a serum – its concentrated effect brings quick and Noticeable results, however from time to time, it needs to be put away in favour of other products, so we do not cause our skin and hair to be “lazy” and let them “work” on their own, and also to avoid irritating and encumbering the skin and hair with too many nourishing and conditioning ingredients applied on them.

Serum contains strong active ingredients. Natural serum will contain precious oils, plant extracts, vitamins and concentrated nourishing ingredients along with, for example, flower waters or high-quality thermal water. In a lot of serums we can find strongly concentrated vitamin C – in their case, we should also use creams with high UV values in order to avoid discolorations caused by its ingredients reacting with sunlight.

Kinds of serum

We distinguish different kinds of serum, depending on what base they are created with and their consistency:

  • oil serum – containing mostly plant oils,
  • gel serum – a product of a lighter, fast absorbing consistency and a base of e.g. hyaluronan acid,
  • emulsion serum – a product with a consistency of a light cream (however not being a cream); a solution for ladies who do not like the Greasy feeling on their skin,
  • water serum – products, which have water as their base.

Anti-wrinkle prevention

It is not true that it is best to work against having wrinkles after 40. Unfortunately, the aging process in many people starts fairly quickly, even around 25 years of age, however you cannot always notice its effects. When deep wrinkles appear on the skin, it may be too late to visibly treat them with beauty products. This is why anti-wrinkle prevention is so important. The earlier we start preventing wrinkles from forming, stimulating the skin to produce collagen amongst other things, the more we can prevent first wrinkles from appearing.

And the ones that appear will be less visible than if we have not used any anti-aging products. Moreover, our habits also have an impact on the speed with which our skin ages. They include living in stress, Lack of sleep, a diet that is not varied enough or not drinking enough water. This, in connection to exposing the skin to UV radiation speeds up the drying of the skin. That is only a step away from developing discolouration and first wrinkles.

Curtain bang – a fashionable cut that fits every woman

Curtain bags are one of the trendiest hairstyles of the year. Unlike baby bangs, so called Micro bangs, curtain bang is very versatile, and at the same time extremely feminine. Although this trend has been on the rise for some time now, it’s not until this year that it’s gone for good. More and more women are opting for this hairstyle.

Curtain bang for every type of beauty

Curtain bang is just a fringe that falls on both sides of a forehead. Experts believe that this kind of fringe fits every woman. It’s a timeless and very stylish hairstyle. Nowadays, it’s also becoming increasingly popular with celebrities. This of course translates into interest among other women. Some even think that this haircut can improve facial features. Curtain bang will certainly make your face slim and help cover any facial flaws such as wide cheeks or irregular features. This haircut works for every face, even the slightly chubby one.

Curtain bang – a Timeless hairstyle

A real curtain bang should be slightly raised with a round brush. This is the best way to look a little bit artistic. This is how many stars from the world of film or music wear it. Years ago, the famous Brigitte Bardot wore this hairstyle, among others. Now the curtain bang fringe is back for good. This shouldn’t change in the near future, after all, it’s a simple, elegant and Timeless hairstyle.

Curtain bang

Is it worthwhile to decide on curtain bangs?

Curtain bang has been very popular recently. The biggest stars also choose it. What does this fringe look like in practice? It has the form of long curtains spreading to the sides. The curtain bang improves facial features and can also be arranged in many different ways. It can be fluffy and thick or smooth and thin. Regardless of the chosen variant, it always looks stylish and fashionable. This cut was first launched in the 1970s by French actress Brigitte Bardot. The hairstyle she promoted does not require special care either.

So it seems that the timeless and well-shaded curtain bang has no disadvantages, on the contrary, the advantages themselves. It looks striking while improving facial features.