Buttock exercises – home and gym workouts

buttock exercises

Buttock exercises should be performed by every woman who would like to show off a firm, lifted butt and thighs without cellulite – because another side effect of buttock exercises is shaping the thighs. On top of that, when performed one after another, buttock exercises can help burn calories and build muscles. Learn the exercises for firm buttocks and slender thighs.

How to perform buttock exercises?

  • Exercise every other day.
  • Start the workout with a short, 5 minute warm-up (like running in spot or jumping with a jump-rope).
  • This is not a race – exercise slowly, focusing on the technique as much as you can with every repetition.
  • Make 10-12 repetitions of every exercise (with exercises #1 and #2, repeat it 10-12 times with one leg and 10-12 times with the other).
  • Do 2–3 series of each exercise.
  • Have a break of no more than 30 seconds between series.
  • Finish the workout with exercises to stretch buttock muscles.
  • If doing these exercises is not a problem to you, invest in weights attached to ankles. That way you will get buttock muscles to work more intensely.

Sumo squats

Stand with your feet wide apart and do a “sumo” squat. Shift the Body weight to your left leg while raising the right one at the waist level. Push the hips forward. Keep it for a while and slowly go down to a squat. Repeat 15 times and change leg.
Second variant: After shifting your Body weight to one leg, kick the other one to the side vigorously.

Standing kick-backs

Stand up and lift your right leg. Stretch your arms forward with your fists Clenched. Slowly stretch out your right leg and lift it backward as far as you can. Keep it like that for a moment and pull your leg to your chest. Repeat 7-10 times.
Second variant: Lift a leg in front of you and kick it back vigorously.

Kick-backs on all fours

Kneel down supporting yourself with your hands. Pull your left knee to yourself. Arch your back. Look at your knee. Slowly lift your left leg back as high as you can while maintaining a Right angle between the thigh and the lower leg. Keep it for a moment and pull your leg to your chest. Repeat it 15-20 times and change leg.
Second variant: Repeat the movement with your leg very vigorously.

buttock exercises


Stand straight. Put your hands on your hips. Look forward. Rest your left ankle right above your right knee. Without changing your torso’s position, get down to a quarter-squat. Keep it for a moment and lift your hips. Repeat it 5-7 times and change leg.

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