Calorie Shifting Diet Plan – Great Way to Lose Weight


Do you want to lose weight? Looking for an effective and efficient way to lose pounds? Well, there are so many weight-loss diets that it gets confusing which to follow. What actually happens is that all the new diet plans are just old dresses up as new.

One of the new trends is calorie shifting diet plan. Wondering what is calorie shifting diet plan? This diet plan depends on the changing the number of calories. As a result, the weight drops quickly than any other diet plan.

What is Calorie Shifting Diet Plan ?

This diet plan is very easy and simple to follow. All you have to do is keep a count of the calories you intake in a week. These calories must be distributed among the seven days. For example, if you consume 2000 calories in one day then the following day you can consume 1200 calories. So in this same manner, you keep changing the calories count.

Moreover, your metabolism does not only depend on your meal timings. It relies on the quantity and quality of the meal as well. So, if you eat healthy foods, your metabolism will burn fat naturally.

How Does The Calorie Diet Work ?

In order to make this plan work, you must consume not more than 2000 calories a day. In case you properly follow this diet plan, it will trick your metabolism. This will lead to your metabolism working hard. It actually works because it confuses it and makes it work quickly.

What actually happens is when you decrease calorie intake, your body slows your metabolism. But with the help of the calorie shifting diet plan, you can burn more fats without slowing your metabolism. So when you consume fewer calories for a day, you create a larger calorie deficit.

Afterward, when your body has a chance to respond, you will consume a number of calories. As a result of this, your metabolism will not have a chance to respond to lower calorie. Therefore, it leads to more fat burning and more muscle building.

Important Things to Remember

calorie shifting meal plan
calorie shifting meal plan

Calorie shifting diet plan only works well if you follow it correctly. For achieving faster results, you must keep 2 important things in your mind. Related diet progam can you see in this article “Guidelines to Developing Successfull Diet Meal Plans“.

Start with High or Low Calorie

When you start the calorie diet plan, you can start either with the low or high-calorie intake. The next day you go with the next one. For instance, if you start with a low calorie, the next day you must consume high calories.

As an example of the calorie shifting diet plan program that is as follows:

a. Days 1 you start with High – Days 2 is Low – Days 3: High – Days 4: Low – Days 5: High – end more…. Then you are done.

b. Days 1 will begin with Low – Days 2 is High – Days 3: Low – Days 4: High – Days 5: Low – end more…. Then you are done.

This is will be simple if you routinely do it.

Eats 7 Times

It is imperative that you eat 7 times a day. Are you wondering that it is a lot to eat? Well, it is not, you have to have breakfast then snack and after that lunch. After lunch, again snack and later dinner. After dinner, you eat snack followed by supper. This is the breakdown of your meals in a day.

For High Days, you may only eat meals with a total of 2000 calories in a day. But for Low Days, you can only eat meals with a total of 1200 calories each day.

In the end, calorie shifting diet plan is effective if done properly. It can help you lose 5 pounds every 7 days. And a lot of people who have tried this diet method will make a feeling great and to lose weight them.

Then, how to keep your body or metabolism guessing? anecdotal and no real research, however:

1. could be used as a good base

  • don’t have to stress about calorie content of each meal

2. could promote a well-rounded diet

  • not eating the same foods

3. should not use extremes

This article is the best and great way to lose weight with calorie shifting diet plan program. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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