Can Iron Supplements Trigger Unwanted Side-Effects of Weight Gain?

Iron Supplement Side-Effects of Weight Gain


Can iron supplements trigger unwanted side-effects of weight gain? – When it comes to taking supplements, most people are weary of it, because they are afraid of not gaining additional weight. There is quite a contradiction between the fact that most of us lack some nutrients, such as iron, and the fear that we might gain weight if we start taking any supplement. So, are there any iron supplements side-effects on weight gain? We are just going to treat this issue in the following lines. Keep reading if you want to see if there are any connections between taking iron supplements and weight gain, and why some people end up taking iron supplements.

For any iron supplement that is needed?

Let us start with the reasons some people may need iron supplements. Just like any other minerals, iron is required by our body, because it is a major component of our blood. So, we cannot ignore it if it lacks. In fact, it is hard to ignore it because people that have a deficit of iron in their organisms will experience unpleasant symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms that are triggered by iron levels that are too low are anemia, various states of fatigue, dizziness, weakness, and difficulties in focus. They are could point towards the fact that your body needs more iron from many foods that contain iron.

1. Anemia

If you do not have enough red blood cells called hemoglobin that is inside the body, the chances of diseases such as anemia can strike. Hemoglobin here has a special function to bind oxygen and is also an important part of the red blood cells. So, if these symptoms are present in your body, the cells in the body do not receive enough oxygen. Fatigue quickly will you face due to several organs can not supply oxygen.

2. Various of fatigue

One of the causes of iron deficiency are fatigue, exhaustion can be seen from the outside appearance of the body. If the visible lack of energy that comes out the possibility of exhaustion attack. Often people complain of fatigue but does not do anything, they need nutrients one of these iron.

3. Dizziness

Lack of iron is also bad for the health of the head because iron is insufficient to make the head feels dizzy, dizzy this is probably just a lot of us often get symptoms. Usually, with enough sleep can eliminate symptoms of dizziness.

4. Weakness

Weakness can also be encountered in people who have high levels of iron are insufficient or low, so for people with these weaknesses are required to consume foods or vitamins that have a high iron. With enough iron, then these symptoms will not come again.

Women are usually the ones that face this lack or need because they menstruate on a monthly basis and lose a decent amount of blood, iron going with it as well. So yes, menstruation and blood loss on a regular basis can make you need some iron supplements, to replenish the iron stocks in your body.

In addition to the above diseases, whether iron supplements can consume for others?

Also, pregnant women may also need iron supplements, because pregnancy tends to deplete the body of its nutrients, the body needing much more than usual to sustain the healthy development of the unborn baby. It happens the same in the case of women that breastfeed, as they require a consistent intake of valuable nutrients to provide nourishing milk to their infants. But, since in both cases weight loss cannot be put in question just yet, we will move forward as they were stated to show you precisely when iron supplements may be needed.


Certain medical conditions, such as being on dialysis, on medication, suffering from ADHD, can also deplete the organism of the much-needed iron. But, women should know that exercising on a regular basis may also make their bodies need more iron than usual. Several studies pointed out towards the fact that women who deposit constant physical effort may require more red blood cells in their bodies so that the organism is properly oxygenated. So, if you exercise with regularity and experience symptoms that are similar to anemia, you may want to see your doctor, because it may mean that your iron is too low.

Can iron supplements trigger unwanted side-effects of weight gain?

Now, getting back to our issue, which is the possibility of iron supplements to trigger unwanted side-effects of weight gain, there are some aspects you need to have in mind. When it comes to taking supplements, there are always some side-effects you need to be aware of it. If your doctor recommends taking iron supplements due to one of the reasons mentioned above, you should talk with him about the potential side-effect. But again, we are ruling out the conditions of pregnancy and breastfeeding, because iron supplements may be highly needed in these cases. Usually, we can take iron from the food we are eating, such as:

  • beans
  • cereals
  • greens
  • foods that have been fortified with iron

But, when we are not getting enough iron through our diet, health problems may arise, as mentioned earlier.

Is Iron also have side effects?

You should also know that the side-effects of taking iron supplements may vary from one person to another. So if you have a friend that gained weight due to iron supplements, this doesn’t mean that the same will happen to you. Weight gain due to iron supplements is not a common side-effect, so very few people experience it.

But, if you do notice that you are gaining weight, even though you have a healthy diet, you haven’t cheated with any unhealthy and sugary foods, you drink plenty of water, and you exercise regularly, then you may want to talk to a doctor. If all of these causes have been ruled out, the weight gain may be indeed caused by the fact that you are taking iron supplements.


The truth is that to associate weight gain with taking iron supplements, and you will need to have some medical tests done. Your body will not gain weight solely because you are taking iron supplements, so the cause may be a health problem that was not discovered until that point, which may have been triggered while taking such supplements. Unfortunately, there are health conditions that can make you gain weight even if you follow a healthy diet and exercise.

Such conditions may be a thyroid disorder, Cushing syndrome, a polycystic ovary syndrome, a heart problem, or lungs illness. This is why it is important to see a doctor and have you checked out if you notice that, in spite of all your efforts, you are gaining weight inexplicably. If your weight gain problem is indeed triggered by a health issue, only with the right medication you will be able to control the matter and be more efficient at aiming towards weight loss and if you are men, get weight with four healthy supplement vitamins.


So, next time you hear about taking iron supplements, you should not worry about weight gain. The cases in which iron supplements create side-effects of weight gain are very rare, and they are usually due to medical condition. Iron is needed because it helps the blood transport oxygen to the cells, which is much needed especially in the case of people that like performing sports, workout regularly, or unroll physical effort on a daily basis. And, as you just found out, iron supplements are needed by most women due to their monthly menstruation, to replenish the iron reserves of the body that are lost every month.

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