Cucumber water – refreshment and more

cucumber water

The human body to a large extent consists of water. The demand for it changes with age, but it also depends on daily activity, the type of job, or health. Without it, the basic processes are not possible. In other words – it is required to stay alive. But what if we simply don’t like its taste? It’s a good idea to put something in it. A brilliant choice will be… cucumbers!

Cucumber or lemon water for flat stomach

They say that losing excess kilograms only requires making a few lifestyle changes. On top of rational eating and systematic activity, another good solution is cucumber water or lemon water that, when drank every day:

  • boosts metabolism,
  • lowers hunger,
  • adds energy,
  • allows to utilize the fat deposits and get rid of them,
  • makes the waist Slim faster,
  • removes excess water from the body.

Health-promoting properties

To prepare a refreshing drink, you need water (1.5 to 2 liters, for example), a large pitcher and a long cucumber. Additionally, you may also add slices of lemon, fresh mint leaves and ice cubes. The cucumber just needs to be carefully washed and sliced without peeling. We add it to water and cool it in the fridge. On top of not having many calories, it also has anti-diabetic, lipid-level-lowering and anti-oxidizing properties. Cucumbers are full of water, fiber, potassium and magnesium.

Potassium helps balance the level of sodium in cells, which might contribute to development of atherosclerosis. On top of that, it also causes hypertension. On the other hand, fiber Regulates blood pressure, as well as helps lower the cholesterol level, prevents type 2 diabetes and increases weight loss. A Well-hydrated body helps the natural body detox system do its job.

cucumber water

How to drink cucumber water?

We prepare the cucumber and lemon drink in the evening, so that we can drink it on an empty stomach right after waking up. We add sliced cucumber to half a liter of water, squeeze the juice out of half a lemon, add a few mint leaves. We put it away. We drink a glass of cucumber water in the morning after waking up and another one after breakfast. Then we Repeat it every day for at least a couple weeks. Cucumber and lemon water is a great drink for the spring and summer season.