Curtain bang – a fashionable cut that fits every woman

Curtain bang

Curtain bags are one of the trendiest hairstyles of the year. Unlike baby bangs, so called Micro bangs, curtain bang is very versatile, and at the same time extremely feminine. Although this trend has been on the rise for some time now, it’s not until this year that it’s gone for good. More and more women are opting for this hairstyle.

Curtain bang for every type of beauty

Curtain bang is just a fringe that falls on both sides of a forehead. Experts believe that this kind of fringe fits every woman. It’s a timeless and very stylish hairstyle. Nowadays, it’s also becoming increasingly popular with celebrities. This of course translates into interest among other women. Some even think that this haircut can improve facial features. Curtain bang will certainly make your face slim and help cover any facial flaws such as wide cheeks or irregular features. This haircut works for every face, even the slightly chubby one.

Curtain bang – a Timeless hairstyle

A real curtain bang should be slightly raised with a round brush. This is the best way to look a little bit artistic. This is how many stars from the world of film or music wear it. Years ago, the famous Brigitte Bardot wore this hairstyle, among others. Now the curtain bang fringe is back for good. This shouldn’t change in the near future, after all, it’s a simple, elegant and Timeless hairstyle.

Curtain bang

Is it worthwhile to decide on curtain bangs?

Curtain bang has been very popular recently. The biggest stars also choose it. What does this fringe look like in practice? It has the form of long curtains spreading to the sides. The curtain bang improves facial features and can also be arranged in many different ways. It can be fluffy and thick or smooth and thin. Regardless of the chosen variant, it always looks stylish and fashionable. This cut was first launched in the 1970s by French actress Brigitte Bardot. The hairstyle she promoted does not require special care either.

So it seems that the timeless and well-shaded curtain bang has no disadvantages, on the contrary, the advantages themselves. It looks striking while improving facial features.