Depression after a divorce – how to deal with it?


On a psychological scale, the experience of divorce is as difficult as the death of a loved one. Sometimes, apart from stress, both sides are accompanied by insomnia, loneliness, and even depression. At this time you cannot ignore these emotions, but Accept them. You should also seek support from your loved ones.

Divorce destroys the psyche

When a Marriage breaks up, we are accompanied by various feelings: disbelief, denial, insecurity, distrust of other people, despair, tearing, loneliness, feeling of emptiness, regret. To this are added other symptoms of depression – sleep problems (insomnia or excessive sleepiness), loss of appetite (or on the contrary, absorbing huge amounts of food), fatigue, emotional instability, remorse, problems with concentration and memory, tendency to be aggressive, drastic drop in Self-esteem. There may also be melting of sorrows in alcohol, and in some cases a suicide attempt.

How can I help myself?

Your world has collapsed, your plans and dreams are ruined. To rebuild yourself, you need TIME. After such a big crisis, emotional balance is achieved in small steps.

  • Accept the situation
    There’s no hiding it – a divorce is a “bitter pill” to swallow, but only by coming to terms with what happened, you can go further. It will not happen immediately and without stopping to reflect. It’s a time when a person has the right to feel powerless, weak, tired. Nevertheless, it is dangerous to fall into complaining mode. Looking at yourself calmly, finding inner peace and thinking about what you want can help you more. These answers do not come immediately. Everyone’s at a different pace.
  • Take care of yourself
    Self-care is one of the most important activities during and after a divorce. Join a new group of people, meditate, try to stimulate a sense of love for yourself. Exercises are a great idea – they prevent depression and help to manage emotions.
  • Take care of building Self-esteem
    Forgive your mistakes and learn from them. You won’t go back in time, but you can build a better self. Self-confidence is created when you Accept yourself with your pros and cons.
  • Behold your loved ones
    One of the worst things you can do to yourself after a divorce is to keep your friends and relatives away from you. Let yourself be Helped, let yourself be confided in by a person who will certainly understand and listen to you – suppressing and leaving thoughts and feelings to yourself will not help you at all.


Allowing yourself to experience difficult emotions and turn to your loved ones is one thing. Depression after a divorce should be treated. You should go to a psychologist or psychiatrist. Your doctor will probably recommend taking antidepressants or mood stabilisers. Psychotherapy is also very important. There are support groups for people after a divorce in many places. Participation in such meetings will help you to cope with the pain. You will be listened to, and you will learn how others cope with your pain after the divorce.