Donation For Life

Life is not only receiving but that’s about giving for someone. In this donation page, we open hand to all donors to donate any amount of funds. There are several benefits that you get when donating, that is:

  1. Add goodness for future life.
  2. Make yourself not overbearing and caring with others.
  3. Helping people who are poor, sick, orphaned and many problems in they life.
  4. We will help your problems if our can and contribute this site to provide benefits for others.

While we have problems with together, that is where the good side of a human being will be born.

Whether applied to our trust fund, health or water fund, your charitable donations support child survival and the development of the people.

We currently only accept two solutions of your payment methods to donate: Payoneer and Paypal. In our 3rd partner sites, that you can donate by input credit card or use your account balance if you have it at each site.

If you choose a donation by Payoneer, you need to send payment manually to my e-mail account and we’ll let you know how to do it. If you choose Paypal, so easy with login or register in your account and specify how you want to pay.

Here with this is how to you donate funds for us:

  1. Below, click the “Donate” button
  2. Register or Login with your account
  3. Input credit card or billing info or using account balance to make donate
  4. Review and then click “Pay” or “Send” button. Finished.

  1. Below, click Payoneer button
  2. Register or Login with your account
  3. Input other profile or billing data if you recently sign up. Click “Pay” at top menu in your account.
  4. Click “Make A Payment
  5. Input column To with:
  6. Choose option From with: Payoneer currencty balance or cards
  7. Input amount for: 51000 (as you want)
  8. Insert payment for: Donation
  9. Click “Next” button and complete the process until finished.

payoneer logo

If there are other things that will be asked, you may visit our Contact Us page.

We sincerely thank you for your great donation and sincere at heart to donate in help to build this site and those people that need help around the neighborhood.