Elderberry to boost immunity – discover its health-promoting properties

elderberry syrup

Elderberry can achieve phenomenal effects in preventing and treatment of fall and winter infections. With this article, you will learn the properties of elderberry as per scientific research and find out how to properly prepare homemade syrup from Elderberry flowers or fruits. You will realize that you can effectively cure cold without going to a pharmacy.

Elderberry – the antiviral properties

Research shows that elderberry fruit extracts inhibit the multiplying of type A and type B flu viruses. Such antiviral activity is most likely related to the ability to block hemagglutinin. The substances contained in elderberry extracts block hemagglutinin. That way they don’t allow viruses to penetrate into your body and multiply inside it. When drinking elderberry syrup during the initial stage of cold, you can get rid of runny nose and sore throat very fast. What is interesting, scientists have proven that elderberry extracts are also active against other types of viruses, including among others the mouth herpes virus and the HIV virus.

Research also indicates beneficial impact of elderberry extracts on preventing viral infections and on cutting down the duration of cold. It has been proven that taking elderberry extracts cuts down a viral infection duration by as much as 3-4 days!

Elderberry – antibacterial properties

Further scientific papers have shown that the standardized elderberry fruit extract in 10% concentration inhibits the growth of Strepotoccus Pyogenes and the Moraxella Catharalis bacteria, which are responsible for bothersome inflammations of upper airways. Elderberry extracts also come with antibacterial properties. Elderberry juices and syrups will save your family from bacteria during viral infections, protecting from severe pneumonia.

elderberry syrup

Elderberry – sudorific and detoxifying properties

The syrup from Elderberry flowers or fruits makes a good remedy for children with cold, as a mild sudorific and antipyretic. It is suggested that elderberry also shows expectorant properties thanks to containing triterpenes. It will increase secretion of watery mucus in the airway and make it easy to expectorate it.

How to make an elderberry syrup for adults and for kids by yourself?

If your journey with elderberry is just starting, you need to keep in mind that unripe flowers and fruits contain sambunigrin, which might cause dizziness, nausea and vomiting. For that reason, all elderberry preserves need to go through Thermal processing. Drying or cooking dissolves the toxic sambunigrin, by which point you no longer need to worry that any adverse effects might occur. Making a syrup for children out of Elderberry flowers or fruits is simpler than you think.

An elderberry flower syrup recipe

Separate the collected flowers (20-40 umbels) from the twigs. Pour a liter of boiling water mixed with 1 kilogram of sugar over them. Put the resulting blend away for 24 hours in a secluded place. After that time, add lemon juice or citric acid for flavor. Pasteurize it.

An elderberry fruit syrup recipe

Place 1 kilogram of elderberry fruits in a pot and add a bit of water. Heat it in the pot until it lets out juice. Mix it and mash it into a pulp. Add 1 kilogram of sugar, which is a natural food preservative. Once the mixture cools down, press it through a gauze. Pasteurize it.