Fashionable lip makeup – how to use a matte pomade?

matte pomade

Matte lips are still the number one among the hottest trends this cold winter. Have you also gone crazy about them, but still aren’t quite sure how to introduce this trend to your daily makeup?

How to pick the right matte pomade?

The pomade’s color should Match the skin tone. If you have a colder shade of complexion, choose colder lipstick colors. Warm colors, with a shade of brown and golden pigments, will go well with olive and peachy skin. Alabaster complexion goes well with cooler shades of strong rouge, for example.

For a less fair complexion with colder shades, brick and intense reds will be suitable. Those with darker, “cold” complexion could go for grape colors and violets. Warmer Complexions will enjoy coral (fair complexion), bright coral (medium), orange-red (olive).


Exfoliation is a must, and not just when using matte lipsticks. Just like the rest of our skin, our lips enjoy an exfoliating massage, but it has to be done carefully. The skin on the lips is thin and delicate, so the massage should be delicate as well. You can buy a premade product for this exact purpose, but you may also create your own homemade exfoliating solution. All you need is sugar and a bit of honey. With such treatment, your lips will look healthy and you’ll get rid of dry skin.

matte pomade


Because matte lipsticks tend to make the lips dry, they need to be provided with a good dose of moisturizing! You should use moisturizing sticks or even cosmetic Vaseline as often as you can. Another very good idea is to apply a thicker layer of night balsam.

Remember that licking your lips is the worst idea when we feel that our lips are dry. Exposure to saliva only makes them even drier, and doing it outside in a cold weather will certainly make the condition of your lips even worse! Of course there’s more to moisturizing than just external influence. Lips are also impacted by low body hydration, which is a good reason to remember to drink water regularly (at least 1.5 liter).


Matte pomades are slightly more demanding. It’s not possible to apply them on the lips without using a mirror. It’s a good idea to spend some time on making the lips look perfect – it takes some precision. Lipsticks are brilliant at covering up right from the first layer, so watch out not to go outside the contour of the lips – it will be hard to correct.

  • Apply the base under the pomade. Then powder the lips Gently. It will strengthen the makeup. This procedure will also allow you to achieve the matte lips effect (even if you use a shiny pomade).
  • Use a liner to draw around the contour of the lips. Start from the Cupid’s bow, which is the middle of the upper lip.
  • Get some balsam on a brush and lightly spread the liner so that its line isn’t visible.
  • Press the balsam with a tissue and apply lipstick with a brush.
  • Reinforce the pomade. If your lips are smooth and well moisturized, use a so-called fixer. If not – powder them Gently or apply a little bit of eyeshadow.