How to select and use serums correctly?


Serum is a product, which has recently revolutionised self-care. Once – an underrated and avoided product, now – irreplaceable product to bring out what is best from the complexion! Rich in active ingredients, it restores shine, provides an Anti-wrinkling and Soothing effect. Is a serum different from cream? How to use it correctly?

How to correctly use serum and how does it work?

The effects of a serum can be compared to drinking strong tea – we like its taste, strength and we drink it regularly, however from time to time, for a change, we reach for a different beverage or tea that is brewed a bit weaker. It is similar with a serum – its concentrated effect brings quick and Noticeable results, however from time to time, it needs to be put away in favour of other products, so we do not cause our skin and hair to be “lazy” and let them “work” on their own, and also to avoid irritating and encumbering the skin and hair with too many nourishing and conditioning ingredients applied on them.

Serum contains strong active ingredients. Natural serum will contain precious oils, plant extracts, vitamins and concentrated nourishing ingredients along with, for example, flower waters or high-quality thermal water. In a lot of serums we can find strongly concentrated vitamin C – in their case, we should also use creams with high UV values in order to avoid discolorations caused by its ingredients reacting with sunlight.

Kinds of serum

We distinguish different kinds of serum, depending on what base they are created with and their consistency:

  • oil serum – containing mostly plant oils,
  • gel serum – a product of a lighter, fast absorbing consistency and a base of e.g. hyaluronan acid,
  • emulsion serum – a product with a consistency of a light cream (however not being a cream); a solution for ladies who do not like the Greasy feeling on their skin,
  • water serum – products, which have water as their base.

Anti-wrinkle prevention

It is not true that it is best to work against having wrinkles after 40. Unfortunately, the aging process in many people starts fairly quickly, even around 25 years of age, however you cannot always notice its effects. When deep wrinkles appear on the skin, it may be too late to visibly treat them with beauty products. This is why anti-wrinkle prevention is so important. The earlier we start preventing wrinkles from forming, stimulating the skin to produce collagen amongst other things, the more we can prevent first wrinkles from appearing.

And the ones that appear will be less visible than if we have not used any anti-aging products. Moreover, our habits also have an impact on the speed with which our skin ages. They include living in stress, Lack of sleep, a diet that is not varied enough or not drinking enough water. This, in connection to exposing the skin to UV radiation speeds up the drying of the skin. That is only a step away from developing discolouration and first wrinkles.