The most effective stomach exercise

stomach exercise

Belly exercise should constitute a vital part of your workout if you want to enjoy a flat stomach. There’s a whole lot of such exercises. Which of them to choose?

Maintain a Balanced diet

If you dream of a beautiful summer body and are wondering how to lose the gut in a month through diet and stomach exercise, you need to avoid the following products during that time:

  • fried and greasy meals,
  • fast-food,
  • salty snacks,
  • candy,
  • cakes, pastries,
  • highly-processed products,
  • sweet drinks and juices.

The most effective stomach exercises

It’s time to focus on active exercising and finally learn the set of most recommended and effective exercises that will allow to quickly achieve the dream results, improve condition and sculpt a flat and muscular stomach that is a dream of not only many women but also men. So which stomach exercises are good to perform to achieve relatively fast results?

  • Squats
    The most basic exercise recommended for the start. A properly performed squat requires standing with feet apart at the shoulders’ width. To maintain Balance, it’s a good idea to lift arms at the chest level. A squat is performed by lowering hips until the thighs become parallel to the floor – that’s when we stretch back up.
  • Torso bends with arm lifts while lying down
    The exercise requires lying down on a flat surface with arms stretched out above the head. We clench the abdominal muscles and lift our legs, straight in the knees, above the ground so that they make a 45 angle relative to the ground. In this position, we perform a bend – lifting our head, arms and shoulders while trying to touch the knees with our hands, then we return to the initial position.
  • Arches
    An exercise that is a little reminiscent of yoga, yet very effective in terms of strengthening abdominal muscles. In order to perform it correctly, we need to lie down on the floor on our stomach, bend our legs in our knees so that we can grab our ankles with our hands. We take the arch position by lifting thighs and chest as high as we can – all while still holding our ankles with our hands. After lifting the body to the max we stop, and then we remain in the position for a few seconds and slowly return to the initial position.
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  • Sit-ups with legs lifted
    This variation of the classic sit-ups allows to tense up the abdominal muscles to the maximum, which allows to exercise them effectively. That’s another good exercise for beginners who still cannot perform Too many repetitions of the traditional sit-ups. Performing the exercise properly requires a lying position (on the back) with hands crossed behind the neck. In a simpler version, hands can be stretched forward.
  • Moving from a board pose to a side board
    This exercise allows to exercise abdominal muscles in a different area than bends and squats. We take the board pose by resting on our forearms and straightening the body with hips above the ground (the body rests upon three points – both forearms and connected feet). We slowly move to the side board – we twist the body to the side by reaching one arm in the air and rotating the torso and hips and legs. Once the Outstretched arm points vertically at the ceiling, we stop and return to the initial position.