How to sunbathe safely?


The ever raising temperatures make us interested in getting exposed to the sun, trying to replenish the vitamin D deficiency. The sunbathing season is about to start. But how about getting yourself a perfect tan with a bronzer or at a tanning salon? After all, not everyone has time to spend a few hours lying in the sun.

A good self-tanner

If you dream of a tan that will last for at least a week without sunbath, get yourself a self-tanning spray, Foam or cream, depending on your preferred texture and applying method. Modern cosmetics provide very natural looking results. They also have another upside – they can be applied incredibly evenly. On top of that, you can easily buy them at drugstores or perfumeries, brick-and-mortar and online alike, so don’t worry about availability.

For all those just beginning on their journey with products of this type, the best choice will be a self-tanning cream, as it is the Easiest to spread and dose. A fast and intense tan, on the other hand, can be provided to your skin by a self-tanning foam or spray. All you have to do is spray the cosmetic from the distance of about a dozen centimeters and spread it carefully over selected body parts.

Body bronzer

A perfect tan for just one evening that vanishes after showering – that’s possible. Such effect can be provided by a body bronzer. You don’t have to worry about getting your clothes stained. Good cosmetics are sweat and water resistant. They stick to the skin all day long and only come off when exposed to a washing agent, just like waterproof mascara for example. A bronzer will work great at a party. On top of that, the body version can also be used to tone the body, just like with a face bronzer, contouring the jawline or cheekbones.


Eating carrots or drinking carrot juice looks like a healthy, homemade way to get a slightly darker skin. Carrots contain beta-carotene, the adverse (or beneficial in this case) effect of which is temporary dyeing the skin to a slightly Yellowish hue. Our diet, however, has to be diverse and it’s most certainly a good thing for it to include carrots, although they can’t be the main ingredient of it.


Tanning at a salon – is it safe?

Tanning at a salon, especially when it’s frequent and long-term, is harmful to the skin. The health-threatening factor here is exposing the skin to the UV radiation. The consequences of frequent visits to a tanning salon are: accelerating the skin aging processes and increased risk of skin cancer, like melanoma. On top of that, regular tanning at a salon might lower the body’s immunity due to weakening the natural Protective barriers. It results in such things as increased risk of bacterial and fungal skin infections.

The contraindications for using tanning salons are: very fair skin, acute infections, temperature, menstruation, new tattoos that are still healing up, skin wounds, enlarged vessels, numerous birthmarks and chronic diseases, like cardiovascular ones or thyroid disorders.