This Drug Can Cope Severe Hair Loss

A wide Selection of Drugs to Cope With Severe Hair Loss


This Drug Can Cope Severe Hair Loss, Hair loss is indeed very annoying especially if the strands fall once a lot. If Your attempts to fix the loss failed to hold, it’s good to consult a doctor about hair loss remedy choice in accordance with the cause. There are many things that can cause hair loss, ranging from heredity, stress, medical conditions, or side effects of drugs.

Options for hair loss remedies stimulating hair growth

There are two types of drugs that can be used to correct severe hair loss. However, before using it, it is important for you to keep asking in advance with the doctor in order to get the best hair loss drug suit your conditions.

1. Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a liquid form of hair loss cures being sold freely without having to make up for the prescription. These works widen the size of hair follicles so that it could produce the hair strands with a larger size and more powerful.

Minoxidil safely used by men and women, but offered from pages Web MD, minoxidil appears to be more effectively used by women who suffer from severe hair loss than men.

Side effects that may occur due to the use of the drug loss include scalp irritation, fine hair growth on the face and hands until the heart rate is faster (tachycardia).

To use minoxidil you just need to rub it in the scalp regularly every day. After about six months of treatment, then the hair will begin to grow again. However, you still have to use this remedy to maintain growth while preventing hair loss.

For more details, you can discuss it first with your doctor before deciding to use this medication.

2. Finasteride

If minoxidil more potent for women, finasteride is hair loss cures are many potent approved for men. Finasteride tablets should be drunk daily routine.

Finasteride works by lowering the levels of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that slows the growth of hair follicles. In the end, finasteride will slow down hair loss and stimulates new hair growth.

However, you should rather be patient if you want to get maximum results. The reason, finasteride will be showing the maximum results after six months of use on a regular basis.

The use of finasteride can produce side effects, such as decreased sexual desire and a variety of other sexual problems, which can stop after you are no longer taking any of these drugs.

Finasteride should not be consumed in pregnant women, including touching the tablet is damaged or destroyed, because it could increase the risk of birth defects in the baby.

In addition to the use of drugs, there are other ways to address hair loss

In addition to the use of drugs, the doctor may recommend two ways below if your hair loss or failed to stop the growth of his hair slowly.

Hair transplant surgery

Hair transplant surgery was done by utilizing the rest of the hair that is still left to be used as ingredients for hair transplant. First of all, the doctor will remove a small section of the hair has been falling out, containing one to several strands of hair.

Sometimes, more large loss part contains the number of strands of hair. After these sections are missing, then the doctor will embed the new hair follicles in the area who are experiencing baldness or hair loss is severe.

After the operation is finished, the doctor will usually recommend optimizing growth hair by using minoxidil to help minimize or using a shampoo for hair loss.

Generally, it takes more than one hair transplant surgery to get maximum results. The risks that can be posed by this operating procedure i.e. including bleeding and scarring.

Laser therapy

Drug and food supervisory agency in the United States equivalent of BPOM, FDA, has approved the use of laser therapy as a treatment for hair loss due to hereditary factors, in both men and women.

Several other studies have also shown that treatment with laser therapy can trigger the thickness of hair. But it’s still a lot of research that is needed in order to know the effect of the use of laser therapy in the long term.

I hope the tips above could be useful for all of us who are experiencing hair loss, thanks for reading this article.

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