Aloe vera – healing properties and use in beauty products

use of aloe vera

It relieves allergies, helps heal wounds, supports the immune system and alleviates skin diseases – these are just a few of the hundreds of properties of aloe vera. Aloe extract (aloe juice) has been used in medicine and cosmetology for thousands of years. Today, it can be found in gels, aloe juices, drinks, beauty products and even candies. Get familiar with the properties, application, and effect of aloe vera, and learn how to incorporate aloe vera into your daily diet.

Origin and cultivation

Aloe belongs to the family of lilac plants Liliaceae, and the best known varieties are Aloe vera (common aloe), Aloe arboresces (tree-like aloe) as well as Aloe ferox (bitter aloe). It originates from Mediterranean countries but is also well cultivated in tropical and subtropical climates. The plant has a Succulent appearance thanks to its branched, evergreen and fleshy leaves. Aloe arboresces is a variety that can be easily cultivated at home. It rarely falls ill, does not like excessive watering and does not require complicated care. It grows best on a bed containing a mixture of Sand and soil.


  • Aloe vera has exceptional therapeutic properties, especially when used as an ointment for the skin and gums.
  • Aloe vera is a popular medicinal plant used in the Beauty, pharmaceutical and food industries. Its leaves are filled with a gel-like substance, which contains many beneficial compounds.
  • Aloe vera contains various powerful antioxidants. Some of these compounds can help suppress the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • When used as a mouthwash, pure aloe vera juice is just as effective in reducing plaque build-up as a simple oral rinse.
  • The use of aloe vera, in patch or gel form, has been shown to help treat oral ulcers.
use of aloe vera

Various aloe vera products can be purchased in health stores or online, including aloe vera gel, juice, supplements, oil and powder. Consult your doctor before using products containing aloe to treat your conditions.

Beauty products containing aloe vera

Due to its protective and skin softening properties, aloe vera is used in lipsticks. The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera make it a popular cosmetic formula for acne-prone skin. Aloe vera is also present in the composition of beauty products designed for people suffering from atopic dermatitis, as it perfectly soothes irritations and brings relief to itchy and burning skin. Vitamins contained in aloe vera juice accelerate hair growth and cause the skin to become visibly rejuvenated and smooth. The antibacterial properties shown by aloe vera make it ideal for fighting against skin lesions, while the antiviral properties help in treating herpes.