6 Vegetables High In Fiber for Your Skin

Vegetables for health with high fiber


6 Vegetables High In Fiber for Your Skin – Fiber is something that our body needs but it is never digested. There are plenty of vegetables with high fiber, before entering into a variety of vegetables, Fiber has two types, soluble and insoluble.

  • Soluble fiber, which dissolves in water, can help lower glucose levels as well as help lower blood cholesterol. Foods with soluble fiber include oatmeal, nuts, beans, lentils, apples, and blueberries.
  • Insoluble fiber, which does not dissolve in water, can help food move through your digestive system, promoting regularity and helping prevent constipation. Foods with insoluble fibers include wheat, whole wheat bread, whole grain couscous, brown rice, legumes, carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

About Vegetables High in Fiber

Most of the plant-based foods contain a mixture of two. The recommended amount of fiber for men under the age of 50 is about 38 grams and for women, it is 25 grams. Vegetables are a rich source of fiber. However, not all the vegetables have the same amount of fiber. Here we will discuss 6 vegetables high in fiber.

Split Peas

Split are arguably the best source of fiber. They have the highest level of fiber in them. One serving of split peas contains 16.3 grams of fiber. A boiled cup of split peas can provide men about 32.6% of their daily requirement of fiber and for women, it can serve 64% of the daily need of fiber. You can use split peas to make your favorite soups and also use them in rice and gravies.

Lima Beans

vegetables with high fiber-lima-beans-image

Lima beans are not only tasty but a great source of fiber as well. In 100 grams of cooked lima beans, there are 5.3 grams of fiber. These can be used in different cuisines or can be consumed boiled as well. If topped with sour cream, they can become very delicious.



Parsnips, the root vegetable closely related to carrot and parsley, have a significant amount of fiber as well. They can add a fine taste to any dish they are used in. They can also be used raw just like carrots. Per 100 grams of parsnips, there are 4.9 grams of fiber.

Broccoli (Cooked)


Broccoli may amaze you with their attractive and refreshing color but the amount of fiber they provide to your body, make them one of the healthiest vegetables. They are a vegetable high in fiber with per serving of them containing 3.3 grams of fiber. You can either consume them in soups, pasta or you can also use them in sandwiches to enhance the taste as well as increase the amount of nutrition of it.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes also have a high amount of fiber in them. They can excite your taste buds while providing your body with high fiber to absorb the amount of cholesterol to ensure that it does not reach the harmful level. Sweet potatoes have 13% of the daily requirement of fiber in each serving. You can consume them boiled or also use them in different dishes.



Carrots are one of the most loved vegetables. They can be consumed in both ways i.e. raw and cooked. How much fiber is there in carrots? Per 100 grams of carrots contain 3 grams of fiber. Dietary fiber contains 1.7 grams or 6% of Nutrition Facts of carrots. For every 1,000 calories (Low Days), you need to consume 14 grams of dietary fiber you eat.

How do I eat more fiber? For example, if you follow Calorie Shifting Diet Program, you need 28 grams of fiber when on the High Days or 2,000 calories of each day. A glass of fresh carrot juice can also do the trick for you. You need both soluble and insoluble fiber in your diet. Carrots are particularly high in soluble fiber. Your weight loss will be effective if counting the number of grams of fiber in carrots.

These are some vegetables with a high amount of fiber. Other vegetables high in fiber for your skin is peas and broccoli. Using these in your daily diet can help you stay fit and healthy avoiding those deadliest levels of cholesterol. There are different dishes in which you can use these vegetables. It will make your food tastier as well as healthier.

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