What is Sandlot Solutions?

Beauty and healthy appearance is not only due to genes or expensive cosmetics. The main influence on how we look and feel is diet and physical activity.

How to take care of yourself?
What to eat to be healthy and beautiful?
When to reach for grandma’s methods, and when to go to the doctor?

We answer these and many other questions in Sandlot Solutions – a place where we collect only good solutions and patents for a good life.
You will find here effective advice on beauty, healthy lifestyle and fitness. We are inspired by what is natural and simple. We know from experience that often the best ways are home remedies.

You will also find a lot of information on how to improve your mental and physical condition, because movement and fitness are very important elements of emotional health. We devote a separate section to psychology.

Do you want to live more consciously and take control over your well-being?
Then we suggest that you stay with us for longer. Nowadays we live very fast, we don’t have time or strength for sports, healthy eating and daily rest.
This is reflected in our appearance – it is visible in dark circles under eyes, dry skin, excess fat and poor physical condition. Instead of rushing to the pharmacy for another ineffective dietary supplement, read our proven advice on how to regain health and beauty in small steps.
This is possible even if you are working full-time, have your own family and are always short of time.